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Promotional Pedometers

Promotional pedometers put pep in their step and your promotion. Add your logo to one of HALO's pedometers and your brand will be with your audience every step of the way. HALO has a plethora of logo pedometers, from budget-friendly basics to premium pedometers with built-in radio and other extras. Need a specific color? No problem. These branded pedometers are available in a variety of colors to complement your logo.

If you're thinking about starting a corporate wellness campaign, pedometers provide a fun way to encourage participation. They also make nice giveaways for walks and runs, fitness centers and health care facilities. Anyone who is looking to get in shape or remain fit is a potential pedometer user.


Promotional Pedometers

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Single-Function Pedometer
Style Number: 6115-4011 As low as $1.29View Details 
Laser-Tuned Pendulum Movement Pedometer
Style Number: 6115-4014 As low as $2.09View Details 
Step On Pedometer
Style Number: 66887-6650-08 As low as $2.28View Details 
Value Pedometer
Style Number: 103415-40613 As low as $2.28View Details 
Deluxe Multi-Function Pedometer
Style Number: 6115-4016 As low as $2.29View Details 
Angled Top-View Step Counter Pedometer
Style Number: 3673-WHF-SH10 As low as $2.32View Details 
Bent Top-View Step Counter Pedometer
Style Number: 3673-WHF-AW13 As low as $2.44View Details 
Top View Step Counter Pedometer
Style Number: 3673-WHF-DT01 As low as $2.54View Details 
Heart-Shaped Step Counter Pedometer
Style Number: 3673-WHF-HH10 As low as $2.54View Details 
Front-View Step Counter Pedometer
Style Number: 3673-WHF-FF08 As low as $2.64View Details 
Sleek Step Counter Pedometer
Style Number: 3673-WHF-UG11 As low as $2.82View Details 
Round Multifunction Pedometer
Style Number: 3673-WHF-RS11 As low as $3.24View Details 
Clear Multifunction Pedometer
Style Number: 3673-WHF-CV06 As low as $3.25View Details 
ID Clip Step Counter Pedometer
Style Number: 3673-WHF-DC10 As low as $3.52View Details 
Pedometer with Compass
Style Number: 4850-DP-529 As low as $3.78View Details 
Large Screen Easy Read Step Counter Pedometer
Style Number: 3673-WHF-ER11 As low as $3.92View Details 
Multifunction Pedometer with Removable Clip
Style Number: 3673-WHF-FC09 As low as $3.97View Details 
Rounded Multifunction Solar Pedometer
Style Number: 3673-WHF-CS08 As low as $4.02View Details 
Top-View Multifunction Solar Pedometer
Style Number: 3673-WHF-SL07 As low as $4.02View Details 
Multifunction Solar Pedometer with Clear Case
Style Number: 3673-WHF-SS11 As low as $4.02View Details 
Widescreen Easy Read Multifunction Pedometer
Style Number: 3673-WHF-WW09 As low as $4.24View Details 
Training Pedometer
Style Number: 66887-1630-23 As low as $4.28View Details 
Top-View Pedometer with Contoured Grooves
Style Number: 3673-WHF-QR13 As low as $4.55View Details 
Digital Pedometer with Full Color Imprint
Style Number: 1165-GR6100 As low as $4.99View Details 
Flashlight & Safety Siren Multifunction Pedometer
Style Number: 3673-WHF-FS06 As low as $5.04View Details 
Wrist Pedometer
Style Number: 5271-PWR600 As low as $6.50View Details 
Touch Screen Multifunction Pedometer
Style Number: 3673-WHF-TS10 As low as $7.42View Details 
3D Sensor Multifunction Pedometer with Clip
Style Number: 3673-WHF-CG13 As low as $10.35View Details 
Walking Enthusiast Kit
Style Number: 5607-3805 As low as $11.48View Details 
Bluetooth Fitness Bracelet
Style Number: 5271-BTF490 As low as $25.50 | SALE $18.37View Details 
Result1-30 of 30

About Promotional Pedometers

Marketing with Promotional Pedometers

Pedometers are a fun way to promote healthy living because you can pair them with a challenge. Whether you’re encouraging employees to participate in your corporate wellness program or want to help your community shape up, a promotional pedometer can help you achieve your goal and get more eyes on your brand.

If promotional pedometers are a part of your corporate wellness program, implement a company-wide challenge to guarantee they get used. Track individual steps as you try to achieve a company goal. When you meet your step goal, reward all participants in the program with a fitness-related prize or free healthy lunch. The shared challenge makes it more fun to use the pedometer.

Custom pedometers also make nice gifts. Consider premium, luxury pedometers for top-level members of your health club. They’re also a thoughtful way to show appreciation to trainers and physical education teachers.

When choosing your pedometer, ask your HALO Account Executive about specific needs such as battery requirements. You want your promotional pedometer to be ready to use when you hand it to the recipient so your brand gets as many impressions as possible.