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Branded Personalized Jackets

Warm up sales with promotional outerwear. Regardless of where you live, custom jackets, vests or soft shells are the perfect layering piece to add warmth and protection from the elements to their wardrobe.

Consider your audience demographics and when recipients will wear your logo jacket. Edgy, contemporary designs are popular among the younger crowd, while traditional soft shells are perfect for conservative clients. Matching jacket style to the occasion and your audience’s personality is the key to success.

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Vansport Performance Mesh 1/4-Zip Tech Pullover - Men’s
Style Number: 9339-3405 As low as $44.80 | SALE $38.38 View Details
Vansport Performance Mesh 1/4-Zip Pullover  - Ladies’
Style Number: 9339-3406 As low as $44.80 | SALE $38.38 View Details
Sport-Tek Sport Wick Fleece Pullover
Style Number: 20772-F244  View Details
Keep Warm Buddy Set
Style Number: 6115-7033 As low as $10.99 View Details
Goatskin Driver’s Gloves
Style Number: 8932-WD04 As low as $21.29 View Details
Ladies’ OGIO® Endurance Trainer Jacket
Style Number: 20772-LOE710  View Details
Men’s OGIO® Endurance Trainer Jacket
Style Number: 20772-OE710  View Details
the Essentials Big Bear Fleece Jacket - Ladies’
Style Number: 3440-78190 As low as $36.00 | SALE $26.14 View Details
the Essentials Big Bear Fleece Jacket - Men’s
Style Number: 3440-88190 As low as $36.00 | SALE $26.14 View Details
the Essentials Stretch-Tastic Soft Shell - Ladies'
Style Number: 3440-78184 As low as $60.00 | SALE $48.74 View Details
the Essentials Stretch-Tastic Soft Shell - Men's
Style Number: 3440-88184 As low as $60.00 | SALE $48.74 View Details
Weld Hybrid 1/4 Zip Pullover - Adult
Style Number: 21878-229596  View Details
Lined Nylon Coach’s Jacket - Adult
Style Number: 21878-3100  View Details
Hooded Coach’s Jacket - Adult
Style Number: 21878-3102  View Details
Medalist Jacket 2.0 - Adult
Style Number: 21878-4395  View Details
Aurora Cheerleading Jacket - Ladies’
Style Number: 21878-7735  View Details
Medalist Pants 2.0 – Adult
Style Number: 21878-7760  View Details
Result1-23 of 23

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Uses for Logo Jackets


If you’re in the market for outerwear that holds up to the elements better than the competition check out our water resistant and water repellent styles. They feature a shell made of special water-repellant materials to keep the wearer warm and dry. Look for jackets with sealed seams for additional protection against wind and rain. HALO also offers jackets with breathable materials that allow moisture and air to escape.  They’re ideal for athletes or anyone who wants extra comfort while staying active.

If your employees work outside all year, adding a logo jacket to their uniform is smart. Instead of wearing their own unbranded jackets over their corporate uniforms, you can guarantee it will be your logo seen wherever they go. Delivery companies, construction workers and highway patrol can all benefit from branded jackets in the colder months.

Custom logo jackets and outerwear also make thoughtful gifts. Remind valued customers or employees that they’re appreciated with a jacket that has high-perceived value.

Jackets and coats provide long lasting brand exposure that keeps them warm and comfortable throughout the seasons. If you’re looking for a specific jacket style or color, contact your HALO Account Executive. They’ll help you find something that fits your next marketing campaign.