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Branded Hats and Branded Baseball Caps

Promotional baseball hats, trucker hats and knit caps are some of the most popular promotional items available. In fact, according to a study by the Advertising Specialties Institute*, 41% of U.S. consumers own promotional headwear. When you’re looking for promotional hats, it’s important to choose something that appeals to your specific audience. HALO offers a wide variety of hat styles so you can offer something they will wear regularly.

HALO offers hats in numerous color combinations, too. From traditional bolds like black, blue and white baseball caps to camo hats and faded colors, there’s something for every marketing campaign. Ask your HALO Account Executive for options in the colors that will best enhance your branding.

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the Essentials SoSolid Twill Cap
Style Number: 21920-BCT-600 As low as $7.56 View Details
Budget Unstructured Baseball Cap
Style Number: 7953-AP105  View Details
the Essentials SoftSolid Relaxed Fit Cap
Style Number: 21920-BCT-662 As low as $7.56 View Details
Mesh Back Price Buster Cap
Style Number: 6115-1034  View Details
Style Number: 66887-TM36109  View Details
Econo Non Woven Cap
Style Number: 7953-PL-4290  View Details
the Essentials 4Ever Cool Performance Gaiter
Style Number: 7868-H749 As low as $3.03 | SALE $2.65 View Details
Athletic Cool Down Headband
Style Number: 4770-CPCR005  View Details
Flat Bill Trucker Cap
Style Number: 6115-1038  View Details
the Essentials Bestie Beanie
Style Number: 7953-AP110 As low as $5.61 | SALE $4.15 View Details
Medium Profile Value Trucker Cap
Style Number: 6115-1035  View Details
Price Buster Cap
Style Number: 6115-1036  View Details
Cotton Twill Value Sandwich Cap
Style Number: 6115-1029  View Details
Elite Cap
Style Number: 6115-1032  View Details
Wave Sandwich Cap
Style Number: 6115-1046  View Details
Toddy ICE Cooling Active Band
Style Number: 103941-ICEI705  View Details
Cotton Chino Cap
Style Number: 6115-1044  View Details
Superstretch Knit Beanie with Cuff
Style Number: 21920-KN-400  View Details
Camouflage Cotton Twill Cap
Style Number: 20275-I-950  View Details
Two-Toned Brushed Cotton Twill Cap
Style Number: 20275-I-860  View Details
100% Cotton Twill Cap - Unstructured
Style Number: 20275-I-510  View Details
Mesh Back Trucker Cap
Style Number: 20275-I-499  View Details
100% Cotton Twill Visor
Style Number: 20275-I-696  View Details
Garment Washed Hat
Style Number: 20275-I-597  View Details
Hi-Lo Pleated Hat Band
Style Number: 20275-2SH  View Details
Pleated Hat Band
Style Number: 20275-8TW  View Details
Brushed Cotton Twill Cap
Style Number: 20275-I-429  View Details
Neon Mesh Back Cap
Style Number: 20275-I-2779  View Details
100% Brushed Cotton Twill Structured Cap
Style Number: 20275-I-2777  View Details
Cotton Twill Cap with Triple-Layer Mesh
Style Number: 20275-I-6035  View Details
Mesh Back Twill Cap
Style Number: 21920-GL-270M  View Details
Cotton Twill Contrast Cap
Style Number: 20275-I-2550  View Details
Brushed Cotton Value Sandwich Visor Cap
Style Number: 21920-GL-645  View Details
Value Cap with Accents
Style Number: 21920-GL-845  View Details
Result1-40 of 76

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Why Promotional Caps and Hats Work



Promotional caps and custom baseball hats appeal to a wide audience making them an easy go-to for marketers. And they do work at earning many impressions. According to the Advertising Specialties Institute*, the average promotional hat in the U.S. earns 3,136 impressions in its lifetime. That lifetime is an average of 7 months, so imagine the number of impressions if your audience keeps and wears your hat for even longer.  Promotional headwear is a remarkable and effective medium to advertise your business, organization or event. 85% of people remember advertisers that give them a shirt or a hat. Personalized caps and hats are cost effective moving billboards reaching your market every time they’re worn.  

Many people have a favorite old baseball hat or knit cap. Make sure the one your audience loves is the cap with your organization’s name front and center. The key is finding a hat that appeals to your audience. That same study shows that 42% of people who own promo hats kept them because they were attractive. Different types of hats appeal to different types of people, and HALO offers a variety of styles. Consider your audience’s interests; would they prefer a traditional ball cap or a trendy trucker hat? Will they wear this hat at work? If so, do they need something that will absorb sweat or something that keeps them warm? Asking yourself questions about how and when your audience will use your promotional hat will help you find one that they’ll keep and wear more often.


Source: Advertising Specialty Institute, Global Advertising Specialties Impressions Study 2016 Edition,