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Promotional Sports and Duffel Bags

Pump up brand exposure with promotional sports and duffel bags. Our selection of gym promotional products come in a variety of styles and sizes perfect for anyone with an active lifestyle.

Promotional gym bags are ideal for sports, recreation and travel. HALO’s large selection has something for every use and budget. Looking for an affordable bag option? Drawstring bags are an inexpensive choice for any campaign. Hand them out at large events or give them to new members of your local fitness center. Larger, more comprehensive gym bags are a valuable gift to any serious athlete. Reach out to high schools, colleges and professional sports organizations with sturdy promotional sports and duffel bags. Ask your HALO Account Executive for color options to match your team or brand colors.

Promotional Sports and Duffel Bags

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Best Seller Power Play Sport Bag
Style Number: 5607-4275 As low as $9.75 | SALE $6.28View Details 
Best Seller Manny Pak
Style Number: 7953-LT-3388 As low as $5.89 | SALE $4.43View Details 
Crystal Clear Soft Loop Shopper Bag
Style Number: 3529-19SL12126 As low as $0.54View Details 
Non-Woven Drawstring Backpack with Reflective Strips
Style Number: 3794-39RT1620 As low as $1.95View Details 
Drawstring Backpack with Zippered Pocket
Style Number: 1165-KT7306 As low as $2.59View Details 
Sierra Sport Bag
Style Number: 1165-KT7322 As low as $2.69View Details 
Belleza Sport Bag
Style Number: 1165-KT7801 As low as $2.99View Details 
Non-Woven Drawstring Backpack with Front Pocket
Style Number: 1165-KT7318 As low as $2.99View Details 
Sling Backpack with Hanging Loop
Style Number: 3673-WBA-BD12 As low as $3.20View Details 
Charlton Sport Bag
Style Number: 1165-KT7323 As low as $3.29View Details 
Mesh Drawstring Bag with Shoulder Straps
Style Number: 3673-WBA-FM11 As low as $3.90View Details 
Armada Sling Backpack
Style Number: 9021-SM-7361 As low as $3.99View Details 
Non-Woven Value Sling Backpack
Style Number: 3673-WBA-NC11 As low as $4.10View Details 
Brooklyn Deluxe Sling Backpack
Style Number: 9021-SM-7269 As low as $4.99View Details 
Top-Zip Sling Backpack
Style Number: 1165-KB7203 As low as $5.49View Details 
Colorblock Duffel Bag
Style Number: 1165-KD1200 As low as $5.49View Details 
Boomerang Sport Duffel Bag - 18"
Style Number: 66887-4650-26 As low as $6.18View Details 
Microfiber Drawstring Bag
Style Number: 8360-BGFDS1618 As low as $6.99View Details 
Dual Compartment Drawstring Backpack
Style Number: 3673-WBA-TL11 As low as $7.80View Details 
Shoe Caddy Bag
Style Number: 20246-SN-272 As low as $9.78View Details 
Flex Sport Bag
Style Number: 5607-4511 As low as $9.98View Details 
Classic Sports Duffel Bag
Style Number: 3673-WBA-MD10 As low as $10.30View Details 
Sports Duffel Bag
Style Number: 6115-3127 As low as $10.35View Details 
Diamond Pattern Backpack
Style Number: 7953-LT-3036 As low as $15.95View Details 
Deluxe Travel Duffel Bag
Style Number: 20246-AG-243 As low as $17.38View Details 
Ultimate Sport Bag II
Style Number: 5607-6881 As low as $17.98View Details 
Boundry Duffel Bag - 20"
Style Number: 66887-3900-80 As low as $19.98View Details 
Large Sport Duffel Bag
Style Number: 1165-KD4205 As low as $21.99View Details 
Triumph Sports Duffel Bag
Style Number: 8932-BG177 As low as $24.39View Details 
Vertex™ Sport Duffel
Style Number: 5607-7040 As low as $24.98View Details 
Vertex™ Tech Duffel
Style Number: 5607-4030 As low as $24.98View Details 
Dogbone Sports Duffel Bag - 23"
Style Number: 8932-BG175 As low as $27.39View Details 
Plaza Meridian Garment Bag
Style Number: 103415-AP9950 As low as $30.24View Details 
Result1-33 of 33

About Promotional Sports and Duffel Bags

Choosing Promotional Sports and Duffel Bags

From value-priced drawstring totes to feature-rich duffel bags, HALO has something to fit your marketing campaign. Promotional sports and duffel bags allow for organizing beauty and personal care necessities for the gym, business trips or weekend getaways. They can be customized with your logo in bold embroidery or a screen print.

Basic promotional gym bags often include a zippered main compartment and carry handles. Higher-end styles provide ample storage for equipment and can include a shoe tunnel, mesh pockets and insulated bottle holders. When appealing to athletes, water bottle holders and separate compartments for clean clothes are key features in any bag. Look for features the end-user will expect. Customized sports bags provide prolonged brand exposure, if they're used. The more you consider how your audience will use the bag, the more likely they are to keep it around.

Gym promotional products can get your brand noticed by athletes, sports fans, gym members and trainers. Ask your HALO Account Executive about various decoration options to make your brand stand out. Sometimes bag size determines imprint size, but not always. Smaller sized drawstring bags can often be imprinted on the complete back whereas some duffels can only be embroidered on the pocket. Your HALO Account Executive can help you get the most out of your marketing dollars.