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Eco-Friendly Promotional Products

Advertise your organization while supporting environmental issues with eco-friendly promotional products. If your brand message is all about “going green,” then your promotional products should reflect that idea. HALO has an array of products made from recycled or biodegradable materials as well as promos that are reusable or recyclable. These items will complement your message so you can be sure everything is on-brand. Whatever your marketing need, ask your HALO Account Executive for eco-friendly options. If you don’t see the item below, they may be able to find something for you.

Eco-Friendly Products

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Heavy Duty Polar Ice Scraper - 7"
Style Number: 5599-748 As low as $1.15 View Details
Eco Friendly Sport Bottle - 24 oz
Style Number: 7953-MG106 As low as $1.09 View Details
Mood Stadium Cup - 17 oz
Style Number: 3027-71117 As low as $0.77 View Details
Primary Care™ Bandage Dispenser
Style Number: 5284-3500 As low as $0.65 View Details
Style Number: 5599-MEGA8 As low as $0.85 View Details
Poly-Clean Sport Bottle - 28 oz
Style Number: 6115-5896 As low as $1.79 View Details
 4" x 3" Adhesive Notepad - 50 Sheet
Style Number: 109902-B1215 As low as $0.62 View Details
Premium Qualatex® Round Latex Balloons Standard Colors - 9"
Style Number: 22382-09RIS As low as $0.16 View Details
Premium Qualatex® Latex Balloons Standard Colors - 11"
Style Number: 22382-11RIS As low as $0.24 | SALE $0.20 View Details
Mag-Lite Solitaire® Flashlight
Style Number: 106850-K3A As low as $10.50 View Details
White Plastic Cups - 12 oz
Style Number: 2602-W2T2 As low as $0.21 View Details
English Butter Toffee in Wooden Collector’s Box - Gluten Free
Style Number: 20391-K121 As low as $36.95 View Details
Bag Clip - 4"
Style Number: 5599-BC4 As low as $0.75 View Details
Bag Clip - 6"
Style Number: 5599-BC6 As low as $0.82 View Details
Sprinkler Rain Gauge
Style Number: 7224-830 As low as $1.75 View Details
Magnetic Pick Up Tool
Style Number: 3404-2082 As low as $5.96 View Details
Inspection Mirror & Magnetic Pick-Up Tool
Style Number: 3404-2292 As low as $7.52 View Details
Recycled Lanyard - 3/8" Wide
Style Number: 5410-REC38 As low as $1.97 View Details
Medium Square Corner Square Decal - 4" x 4"
Style Number: 5695-1805D As low as $0.22 View Details
Oval Roll Label Stickers - 1"W x 1/2"H
Style Number: 5695-3020 As low as $14.96 View Details
Rectangle Roll Label Stickers - 2" x 1 1/2"
Style Number: 5695-3067 As low as $20.78 View Details
Square Roll Label Stickers - 1 1/4" x 1 1/4"
Style Number: 5695-3072 As low as $20.78 View Details
Square Roll Label Stickers - 2" x 2"
Style Number: 5695-3126 As low as $25.26 View Details
Die Cut Circle Roll Label - 2 1/2"
Style Number: 5695-3154 As low as $34.52 View Details
Rectangle Roll Label Stickers - 3" x 2"
Style Number: 5695-3163 As low as $34.52 View Details
Circle Roll Label Stickers -3"
Style Number: 5695-3239 As low as $44.10 View Details
Oval Roll Label Stickers - 3 3/4"W x 2 5/8"H
Style Number: 5695-3242 As low as $44.10 View Details
Round Paperboard Coaster - 3 3/4"
Style Number: 5695-831 As low as $0.18 View Details
Square Paperboard Coaster - 3 3/4" x 3 3/4"
Style Number: 5695-832 As low as $0.18 View Details
Flying Disc - 9 1/4"
Style Number: 9021-HL-105 As low as $0.89 View Details
Flying Disc - 5"
Style Number: 9021-HL-30  View Details
All Natural Insect Repellent Spray Pen - .20 oz
Style Number: 9021-HL-N614 As low as $1.55 View Details
Eco-Friendly Recycling Bin Magnet
Style Number: 6852-RP06FC As low as $0.18 View Details
Outdoor Thermometer
Style Number: 7224-100 As low as $4.00 View Details
Full Color Dew Drop Rain Gauge
Style Number: 7224-835FC As low as $2.96 View Details
2" x 3" Post-it® Notepad - 25 Sheet
Style Number: 9124-22 As low as $0.33 View Details
2" x 3" Post-it® Notes Notepads - 50 Sheet
Style Number: 9124-25 As low as $0.52 View Details
2 3/4" x 6" Post-it® Notes Notepads - 50 Sheets
Style Number: 9124-265 As low as $0.91 View Details
Post-it® Light Bulb Notepad - 50 Sheet
Style Number: 9124-33 As low as $1.09 View Details
3" x 3" Post-it® Notes Notepads-  25 Sheets
Style Number: 9124-332 As low as $0.41 View Details
Result1-40 of 225

About Eco-Friendly Products

Advertising with Eco-Friendly Promotional Products

Whether you are celebrating Earth Day, promoting a new environmentally friendly product or running a PR campaign on your “green” production practices, eco-friendly promotional products can help you get your message out to your audience.

If your primary brand message has anything to do with eco-friendliness, you want to make sure your advertising methods send that message loud and clear. If you’re not sure if a product is eco-friendly, just ask. And get specifics – is the product recyclable or made from recycled materials? Both of these ideas are considered eco-friendly, but they are very different concepts. You want to be open and honest about the products you choose – don’t oversell a product’s eco-friendliness or it may hurt your brand, making you seem untrustworthy.

If you can’t find the eco-friendly promotional products you need on HALO.com, consult a HALO product specialist. They’ll help you find what you need to make the most impact with your “green” marketing campaign.