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Recyclable Promotional Products

Show your commitment to eco-friendly practices by investing in recyclable promotional products. By finding ways to demonstrate kindness to our planet, you encourage your co-workers and customers to do the same. From recyclable water bottles, bags, sticky notes, wood coaster sets and frisbees to pens and backpacks, HALO has what you need for your next promotional campaign.

With a wide variety of recyclable and reusable promo products to choose from, you can help reduce your company’s footprint while highlighting your brand message. Create daily brand impressions on our recyclable tote bags, pens and water bottles, perfect for customers and employees on the go.

Align your brand with recyclable promo items as a vital part of your business strategy this year. Contact your HALO Account Executive today.

Recyclable Promos

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Heavy Duty Polar Ice Scraper - 7"
Style Number: 5599-748 As low as $1.15 View Details
Bag Clip - 4"
Style Number: 5599-BC4 As low as $0.75 View Details
Bag Clip - 6"
Style Number: 5599-BC6 As low as $0.85 View Details
Mini Elm Tote Bag
Style Number: 9021-SM-7453 As low as $1.09 View Details
Oak Tote Bag
Style Number: 9021-SM-7455 As low as $1.79 View Details
Flying Disc - 9 1/4"
Style Number: 9021-HL-105 As low as $0.89 View Details
Flying Disc - 5"
Style Number: 9021-HL-30  View Details
2-Tone Drawstring Sportpack
Style Number: 66887-2150-98 As low as $2.38 View Details
Casino Stadium Cup - 32 oz
Style Number: 9021-HL-110 As low as $0.70 View Details
Stadium Cup - 32 oz
Style Number: 9021-HL-502 As low as $0.72 View Details
Fluted Stadium Cup - 24 oz
Style Number: 9021-HL-504 As low as $0.82 View Details
Fluted Stadium Cup - 16 oz
Style Number: 9021-HL-511 As low as $0.59 View Details
Metro Eco-Friendly Shopper Tote Bag
Style Number: 7953-LT-3735 As low as $1.92 View Details
Insulated Auto Cup with Thumb-Slide Lid - 16 oz
Style Number: 5599-AC16 As low as $2.39 View Details
Express First Aid Kit
Style Number: 5599-FA341 As low as $1.49 View Details
Express No Med Kit
Style Number: 5599-FA342 As low as $1.80 View Details
13-Piece Safety Kit
Style Number: 5599-FA344 As low as $1.99 View Details
Express Outdoor Kit
Style Number: 5599-HSK5A As low as $2.05 View Details
Express Office Kit
Style Number: 5599-HSK8A As low as $2.05 View Details
Colored Bike Bottle with Push Pull Cap - 28 oz.
Style Number: 5599-WB28C As low as $1.15 View Details
Insulated Auto Mug - 16 oz
Style Number: 5599-AM16 As low as $2.49 View Details
Insulated Non-Woven Lunch Tote and Poly Board Insert - 8" x 12"
Style Number: 3529-Y2KC812 As low as $2.35 View Details
Insulated Non-Woven Grocery Tote Bag and Poly Board Insert - 13" x 15"
Style Number: 3529-Y2KC1315 As low as $3.40 View Details
Folding Neon Tote Bag
Style Number: 3673-WBA-SS10 As low as $2.60 View Details
Result1-24 of 24

About Recyclable Promos

Recyclable Promotional Products

Many businesses are “going green”, embracing the idea that all of us working together can make a difference for our planet’s future. Increase brand recognition, loyalty and trust by bringing recyclable promo products to your next campaign.

Planning a 5K or charity walk? Add your brand imprint to our recyclable water bottles and sunscreen minis. Hand them out to participants to keep them protected and hydrated. From BPA free water bottles that change color or offer crest and flip top lids, to sports bottles with straw caps, they’ll spread your message well beyond the event.

Consider stocking your company office with a variety of recyclable sticky note pads in interesting shapes, notebooks, eco-friendly pens and mouse mats. With your colorful imprint front and center, employees and customers will be constantly reminded of your mission.

When giving appreciation gifts, giveaways or prizes, complete the package by placing them in recyclable tote bags, grocery totes or shopper bags they can use again and again. Options include a variety of recycled materials such as water-resistant polypropylene, natural paper, neon polyester and even metallic gloss, laminated designer bags.

Need help? Contact your HALO Account Executive today.