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BrandED – Seasonal Best Promo Items

HALO’s BrandED program combines popular, seasonal promotional products with the latest promo trends. If you want to make an impact with unique products, BrandED is the place to look. Our promotional products experts follow retail and promo trends closely so you can be in the know and ‘WOW’ your audience with your next marketing campaign. You’ll find the latest tech gear, thoughtful gift ideas, impressive apparel and more all at budget-friendly prices. The assortment changes frequently, so you always have access to the hottest trends. Browse below for the best promo items of the season.

Seasonal Best Promo Items – HALO.com BrandED

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Premium Qualatex® Microfoil Balloons - 18"
Style Number: 22382-18RCY As low as $1.72 | SALE $1.67 View Details
Snap Wrap Cord Organizer with Keyring
Style Number: 4770-CTEK040 As low as $1.67 View Details
The Ad Pen™ Square with Stylus
Style Number: 14254-9025 As low as $1.79 | SALE $1.38 View Details
Metallic Neoprene Collapsible Coolie
Style Number: 17910-1020M As low as $2.69 | SALE $1.60 View Details
Neoprene Iridescent Coolie
Style Number: 17910-1020M-IRIDESCENT As low as $2.09 | SALE $1.60 View Details
Iris Iridescent Notebook
Style Number: 6115-6993 As low as $6.12 | SALE $3.50 View Details
Iridescent Umbrella
Style Number: 7673-2411IRD As low as $22.50 | SALE $18.90 View Details
Avalon Iridescent
Style Number: 7701-AEL As low as $0.99 | SALE $0.75 View Details
Result1-8 of 8

About Seasonal Best Promo Items – HALO.com BrandED

About HALO’s Seasonal Best Promo Items – BrandED

HALO’s BrandED program is an easy way for you to stay on top of the best promo items of the season. These products range from trendy tech to elegant gifts and eye-catching apparel. Not only are these items trendy, but most are on sale, too! You get the hottest products of the season at budget-friendly prices.

If you’ve seen something trending in retail, you’ll probably find it in our BrandED program. We’ve had everything from selfie sticks to fidget spinners, but that’s not all. We also follow trends in promotional products. We look for items using the latest decoration methods to represent your brand in the best possible way. Contact HALO today to request a BrandED catalog and consult with an Account Executive.