Post-It® Notes make your Branded Promotion Stick

White Paper Branded Promotion Stick

Post-It® Notes imprinted with logos and marketing messages are among the most popular promotional products available—and with good reasons:

They’re Used

  • Post-It® Notes have wide acceptance and usage rates.
  • People know what they are and how to use them. Recipients of Post-It® Notes will be constantly asking for more - which means increased brand awareness.

They’re Recognizable

  • Tie your company name and brand to the powerful Post-It® brand.
  • Post-It® brand means quality and value to a worldwide office and home consumer market.

White Paper Branded Promotion Sticker

They’re Effective

  • Post-It® Notes have revolutionized the way that people communicate in offices and homes, so what better way to communicate your message than on a product that people use for that very purpose every day?
  • People don’t just glance at a Post-It® Note, they read what is on it.
  • Day after day, sheet after sheet, your message is communicated continually until the product is gone.

Long Lasting and Circulated

  • Post-It® Notes “stick around” for weeks or months after receipt and use.  This keeps your message visible and communicated even after the product is gone.
  • They are an interactive product that people reach for time after time.
  • They are passed on to others as a part of their natural use

White Paper Branded Promotion Sticker


  • Post-It® Notes have a unique value to an end user.
  • High acceptance and appreciation among recipients for use in office and home.

Sheet after sheet,day after day, impression after impression, the value of a Post-It® Note and its imprinted message is clear. The advertisement that sticks around!