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Small Rectangle Decal with Square Corners - 3" x 2"
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  • Small Rectangle Decal with Square Corners - 3" x 2"
Made in the USA

Small Rectangle Decal with Square Corners - 3" x 2"

Style #:  5695-1801D
Make a lasting brand impression with this rectangular decal featuring square corners. Choose from a variety of materials suited for specific indoor or outdoor uses.

For outdoor use, choose either vinyl or poly material. Our vinyl decal conforms to curved surfaces, making it ideal for items like hard hats. Our poly decal features a more rigid design, making it great for exterior windows. Both materials are available with permanent, removable or ultra-removable adhesive. Available in clear and white (and chrome for permanent adhesive only).

For reusable, indoor use, choose our easy on/off static-cling decals. Static decals are available with standard static-back (like a sticker, with the static cling on the back side of the image) or static-face (designed to adhere to the inside of a window facing out). Available in clear and white.

  • Price shown is for Full Color digital imprint on white vinyl with either permanent or removable adhesive
  • Setup: FREE
Available Colors:
  • White
Unit Price:$ CALL
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