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Budget Calendars

Budget calendars may be easy on your pocketbook, but they are still huge in impact. Because of the lower price, you can order enough value calendars to cover your current customer base and have extras to send to prospects – what an easy way to grow your business!

Consider the smaller calendars for handouts at trade shows. They have more value than a standard business card and will be used all year long. Smaller sized calendars are also great alternatives to year-end greeting cards. They’re will give your brand longer exposure than a card ever will.  Browse HALO’s selection of value calendars to find one to fit your brand’s message while staying way within budget.

Budget Custom Calendars

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Browse our budget-friendly selection of decal, magnet, desk and wall calendars. Perfect for year-round brand exposure!
budget custom desk & pocket calendars
Make your brand stand out with our selection of compact, custom desk and pocket calendars.
budget custom stick-on & stick-up calendars
Your message is sure to stick with easy-to-use, custom stick-on and stick-up calendars, including magnets, mini pads and decals.
budget custom wall calendars
Custom wall calendars give your brand 365 days of visibility without breaking the bank. Explore our beautiful, colorful collection!
About Budget Custom Calendars

Which Budget Calendar is Right for You?

HALO’s custom value calendars come in a variety of styles to fit your budget and marketing objectives without skimping on quality or effectiveness. Our selection lets your choose from wall, desk, pocket style and even magnet calendars, letting you decide the best place to promote your brand.  

You know the price is right, but what calendar style is right for you? The best way to identify the most effective calendar style is to determine where your customers are when they need to contact you. Are they near their computer? Are they traveling out on the road? Are they at home?

If your prospects and current clients are staring at a screen all day, try a custom calendar with repositionable adhesive backing that sticks-up on computer monitors. If your target market is constantly on-the-go, check out HALO’s value pocket calendars. To reach prospects at home, opt for budget-friendly wall calendars or magnets.

No matter which you choose you want something that is easily accessible so your contact information is always within a glance. If you’re debating between a few different styles, ask your HALO Account Executive how to get free samples. Promotional budget calendars remind your clients what you do, where they can reach you and how your services or products can help. For less than a penny per day, you can’t beat that budget-friendly brand power!