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Custom Calendars

Create a calendar that is exclusively yours. A custom calendar enhances your brand’s prominence in the marketplace. It displays your message and contact information exactly as you want it. If you’re promoting a new campaign and need something to match exactly, custom calendars are a great choice. You’ll see your unique design and maintain consistency for your brand and campaign.

Add your graphics and copy to HALO’s ready to order templates or submit a Custom Calendar Request Form to make something completely new. HALO marketing experts will work with you to create a one-of-a-kind product that recipients are sure to remember.




Request a Quote for Low Quantity Customizable Calendars



If you’re looking for a calendar that's exclusively yours but only need to order about 100, browse HALO's selection of calendars with low minimum requirements.


Customize a Stock Calendar Design


HALO offers a wide variety of styles of Customizable Stock Calendars for quantities of 100+. Choose from appointment planners, pocket planners, year/month-at-a-glance, image display, pocket calendars and display ad calendars with options from one to full color imprints or images. 

Click here to browse customizable stock calendars.



Request a Quote for Your Own Design



Create a unique calendar completely from scratch. 

Our professional staff will provide ideas, guidance and support every step of the way! Submit a quote request below (or click the link here) to get started.


Simply Custom Calendars

About Simply Custom Calendars

How to Make Promotional Calendars More Personal

Some promotional calendars offer limited space for your logo and contact information. When you really want to make an impression, choose a calendar with complete customization. A fully customized calendar gives you the opportunity to tell your story. You can include your brand history, mission, products and services and the unique qualities that only you can provide. Entice your audience with full-color images that paint a picture of your value in the minds of your customers and prospects.

The advantage of using a custom calendar over other media is that it hangs in front of your audience, just like a billboard along the highway, but your message is right there in front of your clients and prospects every day of the year. And with a completely customizable calendar, you get to design every detail. No in-house designers? No problem.  HALO’s expert calendar marketing team is here to help you. We’ll incorporate your message and custom graphics into the perfect promotional marketing tool.

HALO makes it easy for you to order custom calendars:

Begin with a template:

1. Choose your calendar style
2. Choose your pad design
3. Pick a color scheme
4. Add your own pictures, subjects and copy


OR begin with a blank canvas and customize everything!


Submit your custom calendars quote today or contact us at (855) 425-6266 to get started.