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If you want to guarantee that your customers will use your promotional calendar, shopping by theme is a smart choice. When it comes to businesses, 47% of calendar owners have purchased a calendar for a specific theme*.  Your HALO Account Executive will help you find a customizable calendar in a theme that fits your marketing strategy.

Themed calendars give you an opportunity to narrow your scope and target more specific audiences. Consider not only what represents your brand but also what is most likely to elicit a response from the recipients. Would they prefer funny calendars to inspirational calendars?  Animals to cars? Browse HALO’s most popular calendar themes below to find one perfect for your brand and audience.

Calendar Themes

imprinted calendars by theme
Whether they're looking for inspiration or cool cars, your clients are sure to use branded, theme calendars all year long!
custom african american calendars
Celebrate your message and prominent African-Americans throughout history with personalized African American calendars.
custom agriculture & almanac calendars
Life changes like the weather, but your brand will endure with custom agriculture and almanac calendars.
promotional animals & wildlife calendars
From curious puppies to majestic deer, promotional animal and wildlife calendars are a fun way to take a walk on the wild side.
About Calendar Themes

Incorporating a Themed Calendar in Your Campaign

Whether you’re kicking off a corporate safety awareness program or trying to attract car enthusiasts at an auto show, you can incorporate a themed calendar in your next marketing campaign. Themed calendars are often well-received, but you need to be sure the theme matches both your brand and the recipients. When working with HALO Branded Solutions, you will get expert advice from a HALO Account Executive. They’ll review your strategy and guide you to the themes that enhance your brand image and will work for your intended recipients. 

One way to get started is to really analyze your audience.  Consider demographics as well as personal interests. Maybe the CEO of your company is a big golf enthusiast, but the more important question remains: does golf interest your customers? Consider their personality traits. Would they react positively to funny calendars or be offended? Jot down everything you know about your intended audience, and then talk it over with your HALO Account Executive to finalize your calendar choice.

You’ll end up with a budget-friendly promotional calendar that your customers will love because they’re interested in the theme you chose. And every time they look at that calendar, they’ll see your brand information, which will leave a lasting impression all year.

*Source: Promotional Products Association International Research: A Study of Calendar Usage In The Workplace, 2011