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Personalized Pocket Calendars

Small items can have huge impressions. Consider pocket calendars; their convenient size ensures that your brand stays with the recipient no matter where they go. HALO offers pocket calendars for a range of budgets so you won’t over spend. For large events like trade shows, an affordable calendar card may be the way to go.  If you’re looking for a more personal gift for select recipients, a pocket planner may be a better option.

Did you know you could order free samples of HALO products? If you’re concerned about the size or are debating between a couple different calendars, you can request a sample from your HALO Account Executive.

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VIP Education and Calendar Cards
Style Number: 123110-AIO-VIPCV As low as $0.45 View Details
Paper Cover Pocket Planner - Round Corner
Style Number: 10878-10802R As low as $1.05 View Details
Paper Cover Pocket Planner - Square Corner
Style Number: 10878-10802S As low as $1.13 View Details
Deluxe Cover Pocket Planner - Round Corners
Style Number: 10878-10803R As low as $1.48 View Details
Deluxe Cover Pocket Planner - Square Corners
Style Number: 10878-10803S As low as $1.55 View Details
Classic Weekly Pocket Planner
Style Number: 10878-30122 As low as $2.47 View Details
Pocket Planner - Vinyl Cover Calendar
Style Number: 10878-10812 As low as $2.56 View Details
Journal Planner/Calendar
Style Number: 10878-10604 As low as $4.65 View Details
Monthly Weekly Planner with Clear Pocket
Style Number: 4048-8107 As low as $4.84 View Details
Matra Pocket Upright Weekly Planner
Style Number: 113656-75504 As low as $4.98 View Details
Tucson Pocket Upright Weekly Planner
Style Number: 113656-75525 As low as $7.38 View Details
Result1-11 of 11

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Ensure Your Brand is Always with Your Clients


When you work with HALO, your branding and exposure is in the bag. Literally and figuratively. When your clients are on-the-go, your brand can be with them on a custom pocket calendar. Convenient sizes make pocket calendars easy to tote in backpacks, purses, and briefcases.

A customized calendar card makes a smart replacement for traditional business cards, too. Your brand information is on one side and a handy calendar is on the other. They’re a budget-friendly option for trade show exposure. Attendees will receive, and often toss, numerous business cards at any given trade show, but with a calendar on the back, yours will likely be one they keep for future use.

While ideal for anyone on the go, personalized pocket planners are also perfect for desktops, especially in smaller office spaces. Their compact designs ensure they take up minimal space on a potentially crowded desk.  Planners also make a nice gift, especially when the right material and imprint style is selected. Pair a custom pocket planner with a nice pen and you something thoughtful, yet affordable, to give to employees or customers.  Your HALO Account Executive can help you find the right planner and pen combination. Ask about free samples to see which items you like most.