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Nothing is handier than a desk calendar that sits right near your workspace, and in a mobile world that might require a mobile calendar. In fact, about 45% of business professionals prefer to use both a desk calendar and a portable calendar*. That means double the brand exposure for you! 

HALO offers desk calendars in a range of shapes and sizes for all types of offices. You’ll find large tabletop calendars to smaller ones that stick directly to a keyboard or computer monitor. There are also custom planners, which make personal employee gifts, and with HALO’s guaranteed on-time shipping, you can be sure they’ll get there on time. 

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Have a Presence in Offices with Desk Calendars


With an abundance of promotional desk accessories in every office, one surefire way to get your brand noticed is with promotional desk calendars. In addition to being a handy reference for important dates and deadlines, a branded calendar can be a go-to for other information. In fact, 15% of people use promotional calendars to reference information like phone numbers**. Work with HALO to ensure that no matter what the reason, every time a custom desk calendar is checked, your brand message is in plain sight.

Large desk pads are great for anyone who is constantly working on a deadline and usually remains in one location. They can apply to many types of businesses from ad agencies to salons. For your clients on the go, custom planners may be more appropriate. HALO offers many calendars that can sit neatly on a desk and fit conveniently in a briefcase or tote, too. And pocket planners are small enough to fit in a shirt pocket or small purse, yet have enough space on the inside to reference key appointments. Don’t hesitate to offer both large and smaller desk calendars to your clients—many may want one of each.

Wherever a calendar sits, hangs or travels, your contact information is right there in front of the user every day of the year. In most workplaces, custom desk calendars can be found in multiple offices. Every visitor to that office can see the calendar and your branding. Remember to choose eye-catching designs that will have the entire office talking. Consider something completely customized or shop HALO’s Exclusive Line of designs. Calendars are effective in advertising, elicit referrals, increase the propensity for repeat business and are a fabulous tool for brand management and message recognition.  


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