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Promotional Wall Calendars

In the calendar business, wall calendars are king. 64% of people have a wall calendar hanging in their office, and 32% have one in a common area of their home*. So if you’re looking for a product to feature your brand message, you can’t go wrong with a customized wall calendar. HALO has a variety of wall calendars to suit your needs. 

Impress recipients with beautiful designs or show them that you understand their straightforward business approach with a text-based, large print calendar.  A HALO Calendar Marketing Expert can help you determine which type of calendar best matches your marketing strategy and brand message. 

Custom Wall Calendars

About Custom Wall Calendars

Choose a Calendar Clients will Use


Promotional wall calendars are easy to pin up in any room, in cubicles and on bulletin boards. They’re a popular choice in offices and homes, but not every calendar is made equal. *In fact, calendar owners say the three most important characteristics are:

1. Room for writing notes and appointments

2. Holidays and special occasions listed in date blocks

3. Attractive pictures and themes

With HALO, you can get appointment style wall calendars with all three characteristics plus your brand information. Add customized images in full color or black and white, or stick with a more no-frills approach. Not sure which is best for you? You’ll work with a HALO Calendar Expert to choose the right calendar and customize it just the way you want it.  

Besides appointment and multi-sheet style wall calendars, HALO also features a large selection of commercial calendars. These industrial style calendars have extra-large scheduling date blocks, and some display three months at a glance. They’re handy for viewing across a room, especially in manufacturing and construction facilities.

For promoting your business or as a year-end thank you, nothing beats the power of calendar advertising. Promotional calendars offer such great return on investment. You can have your “advertisement” hanging all year for less than it would cost to buy your customer a cup of coffee!

*Source: Promotional Products Association International Research: A Study of Calendar Usage In The Workplace, 2011