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Promotional Accessories

Looking for the perfect final touch for your next marketing campaign? Promotional accessories are smart brand boosters to add to your marketing efforts. Give your audience something they can use or wear daily so they’ll always have your brand with them.

From value-priced options for large events to elegant, premium gifts for executives and long-term employees, HALO has something for every need. Browse our selection of promotional accessories including event wristbands, silicone bracelets, wallets and watches. If you’re looking for a completely custom accessory or something you don’t see here, contact your Account Executive for more options.


Promotional Accessories

Promotional Wallets | HALO Branded Solutions
Leatherette and faux suede wallets, silicone card holders and more
Promotional Wristbands | HALO Branded Solutions
Paper wristbands, silicone wristbands, rubber bracelets and fashion bracelets
About Promotional Accessories

Why Promotional Accessories?

Promotional accessories give your brand a way to be used daily without being overly intrusive on your audience’s life. Sometimes you need a promotional product such as a large banner or boldly printed t-shirt to proudly display your message, but other times a more subtle approach will earn you more brand recognition in the long-term.

Many promotional accessories are “seen but not heard.” They are beneficial for daily use, and your audience is likely to put them on without thinking twice. A promotional watch or bracelet can be slipped on in the morning as part of a daily routine, and your brand logo will be visible all day.

If the item is intended for long-term use, consider both function and style before making a purchase. Certain materials may be more comfortable to wear than others (such as a cloth event wristband versus a paper one), for example. If you’re hosting a week-long conference, it might be better to opt for the cloth wristbands, but if you’re looking for single-day admission bands a secure paper option may be just what you need.

Additionally, promotional accessories catch attention of people who are not wearing them. Passersby will notice your logo on a pair of trendy promo sunglasses or a colorful umbrella. Just one promotional accessory can earn your brand countless impressions.