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Promotional Fashion Apparel 

Give your company outing or event an edge that’s sure to make a lasting impact with our promo fashion wear. These items are designed to fit this year’s latest trends and meet your market’s look. Promotional apparel can help you get your brand noticed anywhere. If your promotional clothes are fashionable, recipients are more likely to incorporate them in their everyday wardrobe. Browse HALO’s selection of trendy apparel for men and women including attractive t-shirts, jackets, sweatshirts and specialty items like gloves and robes.

Are you unsure about the latest fashion trends? Carefully consider the style you choose along with the color. Your HALO Account Executive can help you find something that’s trendy and complements your branding.

Custom Fashion Apparel

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Carbon Fiber Full Zip Hooded Sweatshirt
Style Number: 347-F7173  View Details
Yerba Knit Quarter Zip - Men’s
Style Number: 66887-TM17894  View Details
Vega Tech Quarter Zip - Men’s
Style Number: 66887-TM18304  View Details
Vega Tech Half Zip - Ladies’
Style Number: 66887-TM98304  View Details
1/4 Zip Force Training Top – Men’s
Style Number: 21878-222500  View Details
Attain 1/4-Zip Pullover - Adult
Style Number: 21878-2785  View Details
Gravity Thermal Vest – Men’s
Style Number: 6613-PFV-2  View Details
Gravity Thermal Vest – Women’s
Style Number: 6613-PFV-2W  View Details
Basecamp Thermal Vest – Men’s
Style Number: 6613-PFV-4  View Details
Basecamp Thermal Vest – Women’s
Style Number: 6613-PFV-4W  View Details
Tech Accessory Travel Bag
Style Number: 6115-7645 As low as $2.99 View Details
Knit Scarf with Patch
Style Number: 6115-1013 As low as $4.99 View Details
Jacquard Socks
Style Number: 8360-SOCKS-JQD As low as $5.78 View Details
Full Color Unisex Logo Socks - 18"
Style Number: 106850-HC351S As low as $5.99 View Details
Deluxe Flip Flops
Style Number: 6219-217 As low as $6.45 View Details
Bella Ladies T-Shirt - 4.2 oz
Style Number: 20625-6004  View Details
Canvas Unisex Cotton T-Shirt
Style Number: 3440-3001C  View Details
Kozi Slippers
Style Number: 114239-KOZI As low as $23.30 View Details
J. America - Game Day Jersey T-Shirt
Style Number: 20625-8229  View Details
Result1-25 of 25

About Custom Fashion Apparel

How to Choose Trendy Promo Apparel

Following the latest fashion trends can be tricky. Some trends last for years and others are mere fads. So how do you know what’s trending right now? What should you look for in your next fashion apparel purchase?

If you’re unsure about styles that are “in”, choose something classic like a t-shirt in a trendy color. Pantone® color of the year is a good resource if you’re unsure what colors may be popular. Choosing the right green or red can make a big difference. Browse fashion magazines and websites as well as home decorating resources to see what colors are trending. If you don’t like the trendy colors or think they clash with your brand, remember that black and shades of gray go with almost anything.

Choose styles that promise “more for your money” with standout fashion attributes, such as textured fabrics, blocked silhouettes and heathered colors. The ability to crossover from work to weekend outfits or workout gear to casual attire will help your promo apparel become a favorite in anyone’s closet.  Detailed apparel with more wearability is perfect for employees. They’ll feel encouraged to wear the apparel in and out of the office.
Advanced Outerwear 
The outerwear category continues to benefit from technical advancements, creating functional pieces for an on-the-go lifestyle. “WOW” your buyers with thermal compressible outerwear and updated bonded jackets constructed with a highly breathable fabric that offers wind and water protection without sacrificing ease of movement. Lightweight, soft and quiet fabrics are also important characteristics to consider. Advanced outerwear is perfect for attracting serious athletes. Consider this apparel trend as a marathon gift or fitness club membership reward.
Vintage Appeal 
Although technology forges us ahead, retro apparel is popular. From casual cottons in our new heather T-shirt and color wash hoodie to contrast- color piques in our basic polos, these vintage looks celebrate styles of the past.  Consider trendy vintage apparel if you’re promoting a historic landmark, museum, or organization with a strong history and “classic” values.
Every year, new fashion trends surface. There are many you can follow, so remember to choose a trend that aligns with your brand and target audience. If you have any questions about fashion trends or your promo apparel order, contact your HALO Account Executive.