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Promotional Cleaning Cloths

Great for cleaning screens on a variety of electronics, promotional cleaning cloths are most commonly used to clean phone and tablet screens. However, they are soft and safe enough for cleaning eyeglasses and camera lenses, too.  Choose the size, shape, color that goes with your brand, and create your own promotional screen cleaners. You can stick with a simple logo or a more complex full-color image. 

Many promotional cleaning cloths come in convenient carrying cases, which offer additional branding opportunities. Consider a screen cleaning cloth on a keychain or in a drawstring pouch. These options are ideal for on-the-go recipients. Contact a HALO Account Executive for help choosing the right cloth for your brand.

Promotional Cleaning Cloths

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Best Seller Smart Cloth
Style Number: 103941-TOY-F As low as $2.26 | SALE $1.25View Details 
JellyBean Earbuds
Style Number: 4629-UQ4199 As low as $2.99View Details 
Neptune Stuff-It Tech Cleaning Cloth
Style Number: 4629-US5702 As low as $1.99View Details 
Clean Sweeps Optical Cloth
Style Number: 5410-KS As low as $0.77View Details 
Eyewear Drawstring Pouch & Lens Cleaning Cloth
Style Number: 5410-CCDP As low as $2.28View Details 
Lens Spray Cleaner Pen
Style Number: 3673-WPC-LK12 As low as $0.79View Details 
Microfiber Cloth with Case
Style Number: 3673-WPC-ML10 As low as $0.79View Details 
Phone Holder with Microfiber Cloth
Style Number: 3673-WCP-HP12 As low as $0.94View Details 
Mini Microfiber Pouch
Style Number: 3673-WPC-MM12 As low as $1.00View Details 
Phone Stand with Microfiber Cleaning Cloth
Style Number: 1165-VS2104 As low as $1.09View Details 
Lens Spray Cleaner with Microfiber Cloth
Style Number: 3673-WPC-LS12 As low as $1.20View Details 
Microfiber Glasses Cloth
Style Number: 6489-SWPR As low as $1.20View Details 
Cell Phone Wipe
Style Number: 8360-CEL-WIPE As low as $1.30View Details 
Pocket Microfiber Lens Cloth Key Chain
Style Number: 3673-WEE-PC11 As low as $1.32View Details 
Microfiber Cloth - 4" x 7"
Style Number: 8360-SMRT-CLOTHFC-47 As low as $1.33View Details 
Microfiber Smartphone Pouch
Style Number: 8360-SMRT-POUCH-P As low as $1.53View Details 
Full Color Microfiber iPad® Screen Saver and Cleaning Cloth - 8 3/4" x 6 7/8"
Style Number: 6489-IP1 As low as $1.75View Details 
Microfiber Mousepad - 7" x 7"
Style Number: 8360-SMRTCLTH-MP-77 As low as $2.23View Details 
Full Color Microfiber Cloth - 8" x 12"
Style Number: 8360-SMRT-CLOTHFC-812 As low as $2.24View Details 
Microfiber Mousepad - 8" x 8"
Style Number: 8360-SMRTCLTH-MP-88 As low as $2.47View Details 
Frizzy Finger Duster
Style Number: 106850-BA66FD As low as $2.49View Details 
Mobile Tech Earbud Kit
Style Number: 6266-TK138 As low as $2.59View Details 
Microfiber Tablet Pouch
Style Number: 8360-SMRT-POUCH-T As low as $3.46View Details 
Frizzy Bendable Duster
Style Number: 106850-HW70BD As low as $5.15View Details 
Pocket Toddy On-the-Go Smart Cloth - 5” x 7”
Style Number: 103941-TOY-P As low as $5.28View Details 
Smart Rest Premium Microfiber Wrist Support and Screen Cleaner
Style Number: 103941-TOY-R As low as $6.50View Details 
Germbuster UV Cleanser
Style Number: 103890-GERMBUSTER As low as $146.67View Details 
Result1-27 of 27

About Promotional Cleaning Cloths

Thinking Outside the Phone: Promotional Cleaning Cloths

How can you customize promotional cleaning cloths for your audience? At a glance, they seem like a simple solution for any event. They are soft enough to clean most screens, and since most of your recipients have phones and/or tablets, personalized cleaning cloths are almost guaranteed to be used.

It’s true that promotional screen cleaners can be used to wipe phone and tablet screens, but there are many other uses for them if you dig a little deeper. While mobile phone and tablet screens do need to be wiped from time to time, focusing on other uses may be more beneficial to you in the long run. You can run a more targeted campaign and recipients will feel that the product is more thoughtful.

Consider other items that need a soft touch when cleaning such as eyeglasses and camera lenses. A personalized lens cleaning cloth would be valuable to people who interact with these items on a regular basis. Glasses wearers and photographers likely clean their lenses multiple times a day, which would mean more brand exposure for you.

You can choose the size and shape that best suits your needs. So if you’re putting a custom lens cloth in every case of new eyeglasses, you can choose a smaller cloth than one you would use to clean a camera lens. Additionally, the printing opportunities on screen cleaning cloth are broader than on other promotional items. Consider adding a schedule of upcoming classes or events and information on how to enroll.  And the branding doesn’t stop there. Promotional cases are included with many custom lens cloths. That’s just one more opportunity for you to get your message to the recipient.

For additional ideas on how promotional cleaning cloths can be catered to your marketing plan, contact a HALO representative today.