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Custom Promotional Coffee Mugs

Get a double shot of brand exposure with promotional coffee mugs. Customizable coffee mugs have an advantage over some other promotional products because they’re often used daily. This functionality drives your message home on a regular basis.

Shop HALO’s selection of  custom mugs in variuos shapes, sizes, styles, capacities and colors guaranteed to fit your company’s taste. The popular Best Seller mugs are a perfect budget-friendly buy for stocking your break room. Use them as giveaways to generate leads and strengthen current relationships. Add tasty treats to transform our mugs into thoughtful thank you gifts. Insert gourmet coffee, candy, cocoa, cookies or candy for a custom gift that keeps on giving. Guarantee a spot at any table with HALO’s custom mugs.

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Budget Mug in Various Colors - 11 oz
Style Number: 4048-45140C  View Details
Neon Mug With C-Handle - 11 Oz.
Style Number: 6115-7135  View Details
Good Value® Bistro Mug - 12 Oz.
Style Number: 4048-46138  View Details
Campfire Mug - 15 Oz.
Style Number: 6115-7133  View Details
Metallic Stripe Mug - 16 Oz.
Style Number: 6115-7182  View Details
Blaze Campfire Mug - 15 Oz.
Style Number: 6115-8133  View Details
Good Value® Color Bistro Mug - 12 Oz.
Style Number: 4048-46139  View Details
the Essentials Camp & Cubicle Ceramic Mug
Style Number: 7953-CM107 As low as $3.89 | SALE $2.75 View Details
Coast Ceramic Mug - 10 Oz.
Style Number: 6115-7179  View Details
Dye Blast Full Color Mug - 11 Oz.
Style Number: 6115-7199  View Details
Tailgate Ceramic Mug - 14 Oz.
Style Number: 6115-7165  View Details
Good Value® Campfire Mug - 13 Oz.
Style Number: 4048-46167  View Details
SimpliColor™ Mug - 11 oz.
Style Number: 7701-MUG  View Details
SimpliColor Ceramic Mug - 15 Oz.
Style Number: 7701-MUH  View Details
Full Color Mug – 15 Oz.
Style Number: 6115-7198  View Details
Good Value® Meier Flip Tumbler - 16 Oz.
Style Number: 4048-46191  View Details
Cafe Au Lait Ceramic Mug - 12 oz.
Style Number: 66887-1624-07  View Details
Spooner Mug With Bamboo Lid - 12 Oz.
Style Number: 6115-7172  View Details
Rotunda Ceramic Mug - 14 oz.
Style Number: 3468-CM100  View Details
Good Value® Keke Travel Mug - 14 Oz.
Style Number: 4048-46193  View Details
Halcyon™ Coffee Mug - 15 oz.
Style Number: 3027-76515  View Details
Angled Rim Offero® Ceramic Mug - 12 oz
Style Number: 3433-OFFERO  View Details
Levana Double-Walled Tumbler - 12 oz.
Style Number: 3468-SM388W  View Details
Good Value® Collin Travel Mug - 14 Oz.
Style Number: 4048-46155  View Details
Speckled Himalayan Tumbler - 20 oz.
Style Number: 6115-5764  View Details
Pro Insulated Travel Mug - 12 oz.
Style Number: 17910-SST12  View Details
Woodtone Himalayan Tumbler - 20 oz.
Style Number: 6115-5786  View Details
Big Joe Tumbler - 30 oz.
Style Number: 3468-VM1702  View Details
Tuscany® Thermos & Coffee Cups Gift Set
Style Number: 7953-LG-9278  View Details
Basecamp® Zion Mug Set
Style Number: 4629-GFT20808  View Details
Personal Espresso Set
Style Number: 4048-36581  View Details
Result1-40 of 40

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Tapping into Coffee Consumption for Your Promotion



Without coffee’s energizing effects, many people would grind to a halt. The National Coffee Association (NCA) reports that 59% of American adults drink coffee daily, and 71% drink it at least once a week. It’s no surprise that promotional coffee mugs are one of the most effective brand-building gifts in a marketer’s repertoire.

Consider the custom coffee mug’s use over an average day. According to the Advertising Specialty Institute, 25% of U.S. consumers own logoed drinkware. Of that group, 50% use it two to three times a week or more. Customizable coffee mugs travel to meetings, lunchrooms, presentations, and to the break room coffee machine. This offers an opportunity for multiple people to see your brand every day.

In addition to customers, coffee mugs make great gifts for staff. Purchase a set of branded coffee mugs for use in the office, so everyone has access to them and so your entire staff sends the same message to office visitors. Why not offer visitors a hot beverage delivered in a sleek branded mug, too?

While classic ceramic mugs are a nice go-to, HALO offers a variety of other styles, too. Glass mugs offer a chance for your logo to stand out against the mug’s contents, while tall, slender mugs provide ample space for elongated logos. Stainless steel mugs keep contents hot for longer, and insulated polymer mugs offer unique branding opportunities such as embroidered emblems and Full Color wraps.



  • National Coffee Association, “Coffee is Americans’ Favored Daily Beverage Next to Water”, March 2015
  • ASI Central 2014 Impressions Study