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Promotional Branded Coasters

Promotional branded coasters are a unique way to get your organization’s message out to many people. You can distribute them wherever your audience frequents. Consider everything from family-friendly restaurants to sports bars and pubs. To reach mass audiences at events and restaurants, choose HALO’s affordable, high-impact, full-color paperboard and rubber coasters.

Looking for a more upscale option? Shop HALO’s sophisticated brass, glass and leather coasters. These customizable coasters are perfect for classy restaurants and make thoughtful gifts. HALO also offers custom corporate gift sets ideal for any home or office.

Ensure your logo and message pop off the customized coasters with the right imprint. Many coasters offer full color options to make your logo pop. Ask your HALO Account Executive about two-sided imprint options to double the impact of your coasters.

Custom Promotional Coasters

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Round Paperboard Coaster - 3 3/4"
Style Number: 5695-831 As low as $0.18 View Details
Square Paperboard Coaster - 3 3/4" x 3 3/4"
Style Number: 5695-832 As low as $0.18 View Details
Round Cork Car Coaster -  2 1/2"
Style Number: 5695-812 As low as $0.31 View Details
Round Cork Coaster -  3 1/2"
Style Number: 5695-811 As low as $0.42 View Details
Square Cork Coaster - 4" x 4"
Style Number: 5695-813 As low as $0.51 View Details
Full Color Foam Auto Coaster
Style Number: 6489-ACHC As low as $0.79 View Details
Sili Custom Round Silicone Coasters
Style Number: 3468-CST10 As low as $0.90 View Details
the Essentials Absorbing Stone Car Coaster
Style Number: 3404-1922 As low as $1.94 | SALE $1.37 View Details
Black Leather Coaster -  3 7/8"
Style Number: 5695-821 As low as $1.59 View Details
Single Round Stone Coaster
Style Number: 6219-1633 As low as $1.62 View Details
Single Square Stone Coaster
Style Number: 6219-1634 As low as $1.62 View Details
the Essentials Absorbing Stone Coaster
Style Number: 3404-1923 As low as $2.52 | SALE $1.73 View Details
Round Bottle Opener Coaster
Style Number: 6219-1656 As low as $1.78 View Details
Square Bottle Opener Coaster
Style Number: 6219-1655 As low as $1.78 View Details
Coaster with Bottle Opener
Style Number: 3404-2522 As low as $2.12 View Details
Absorbent Stone Car Coaster Set
Style Number: 6219-1640 As low as $2.18 View Details
Ceramic Coaster
Style Number: 5410-2560-1 As low as $2.25 View Details
Square Slate Coaster
Style Number: 6219-1651 As low as $2.34 View Details
Lighten Up Coaster and Bottle Opener
Style Number: 4770-CDKW028 As low as $2.79 View Details
Custom Laser Engraved Wood Coaster – 4"
Style Number: 8978-WDCO-R4 As low as $3.00 View Details
LED Bottle Opener Coaster
Style Number: 106850-HW67BC4CP As low as $3.24 View Details
Wood Bottle Opener Coaster
Style Number: 6219-1658 As low as $3.51 View Details
Full Color Square Ceramic Coaster w/ Gloss Finish
Style Number: 6489-1022 As low as $4.30 View Details
Bottle Opener Coaster Set – 3.25" x 3.25" (4-count)
Style Number: 6852-IC9402 As low as $5.30 View Details
Ceramic Coaster - 2 Coaster Set
Style Number: 5410-2560-2 As low as $5.67 View Details
Clear-Top Tin Leather Coaster Set
Style Number: 5695-4821  View Details
Square Slate Coaster Set
Style Number: 6219-1654 As low as $8.23 View Details
Natural Leather Coasters - Round - 3 7/8" Diameter x 1/8" Thick
Style Number: 5695-4820 As low as $9.08 View Details
4-Piece Slate Coaster Set with Wood Stand
Style Number: 23052-SCSET As low as $10.27 View Details
Ceramic Coaster - 4 Coaster Set
Style Number: 5410-2560-4 As low as $10.71 View Details
Hammered Metal Coaster Set
Style Number: 66887-1401-22 As low as $10.98 View Details
Leather Coaster Set
Style Number: 1165-EH5106 As low as $10.99 View Details
2pc Acacia Wood and Greek Marble Coaster Set
Style Number: 23052-AGMC As low as $16.90 View Details
Marble and Bamboo Coaster Set
Style Number: 66887-1401-20 As low as $16.98 View Details
Bamboo and Silicone Coaster Set - 4.5" (4-count)
Style Number: 6852-IC6291 As low as $17.07 View Details
LEEMAN New York Times Square Leather Coaster Set
Style Number: 7953-LG-9015 As low as $22.48 View Details
Result1-36 of 36

About Custom Promotional Coasters

Promotional Branded Coasters Bring Your Brand to Every Happy Hour

Save your brand a seat at the bars and restaurants when you provide the promotional branded coasters. It’s an innovative way to reach potential customers for a fraction of the cost of traditional advertising. Customized coasters put your message in front of countless patrons every day.

Promotional coasters allow you to reach a specific demographic effectively because restaurants and bars cater to different tastes. Where does your target demographic hang out? Whether they’re at the family restaurant or they’re regulars at the local sports bar there’s a beverage in front of them. And every beverage is sitting on a napkin or a coaster. Why not replace those unbranded materials with a memorable customized coaster?

Putting your logo on our custom coasters is easy and effective. Many coasters offer full color imprint options so you can make your message stand out. While patrons are waiting on food or chatting with friends, they will notice your full-color logo. Consider adding some fun facts or funny phrases that they will share with friends, thereby increasing your exposure through word of mouth. Some patrons might even take coasters home with them.  

Customizable coasters are popular at large corporate events as well as smaller, more personal events such as family reunions and weddings. If your company is providing drinks or glassware for an event, consider adding in coasters. Recipients will appreciate the added gift and you’ll receive additional brand exposure with every guest.

Lightweight coasters also make great mailers. You can use them to create a custom invitation to a party or beverage tasting. Some coasters can be mailed without any packaging, and other cost-effective paperboard coasters fit easily into envelopes. Add your name, logo, tagline and contact information to create your own custom coaster calling card.