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Specialty & Promotional Novelty Drinkware

Looking for something special to call attention to your brand? Our promotional novelty drinkware offers something extra for everyone with mood changing mugs, freezer mugs, collapsible water bottles, flasks and more. Why put your logo on a simple water bottle when you can stand out with novelty drinkware? If your branded cup is a bit different than the rest, the user may be more likely to show it off meaning more impressions for you.

When shopping for novelty drinking glasses, remember to choose something that is both unique and functional. A novelty item won’t earn any impressions if it sits in a cabinet instead of getting used. Consider a fun shaped collapsible bottle or something trendy like a mason jar mug. Ask your HALO Account Executive for novelty drinkware ideas that fits your brand and audience.

Specialty & Promotinoal Novelty Drinkware

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Stanley Adventure Stacking Pint - 16 oz.
Style Number: 6489-ASVP-FDP As low as $25.00 View Details
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About Specialty & Promotinoal Novelty Drinkware

Types of Specialty & Promotinoal Novelty Drinkware

Represent your brand’s unique benefits with specialty drinkware. From frosted pilsner glasses to glow-in-the-dark stadium cups and space-saving water bottle bags— you’re sure to find great gifts, giveaways and incentives for your employees, clients and prospects. According to a study by the Advertising Specialty Institutue (ASI), about half of U.S. consumers who own logo drinkware use it two to three times weekly. When shopping for novelty drinkware, consider how it will be used before going for something just because you’ve never seen it before.

Consider trends you’ve seen in bars and restaurants when purchasing your novelty drinkware. Moscow Mules and mason jar drinks are increasing in popularity. Ask your HALO Account Executive for trendy options your audience will recognize from their favorite bars. Some people will keep your branded drinkware simply because it looks nice. In fact, ASI found that 53% of people in Charlotte, North Carolina who own drinkware keep it because it is attractive. Color can play an important role in attractiveness. Sharp cobalt blue drinkware may have an edge over standard black drinkware. Regardless of the color you choose, be sure it represents your brand and campaign message.

If you’re promoting a specific sport or event, ask about specialized collapsible bottles. HALO offers various shapes to fit your need, so you can turn a t-shirt shaped bottle into a jersey for your team or choose from various shapes including golf ball, football, heart and star. Collapsible water bags are a favorite for outdoorsy types. They often come with a built-in carabiner clip that makes staying hydrated on the go even easier. They effortlessly clip to belt loops, backpacks and bikes for convenient travel that folds up for easy storage.

If you're looking for the latest specialty drinkware or novelty drinking glasses, ask your HALO Account Executive for options to fit your marketing campaign.

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