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Promotional Travel Mugs

Promotional travel mugs appeal to as wide an audience as there are coffee blends. No matter your audience’s taste, you are sure to find a premium selection of custom travel mugs sure to jumpstart your campaign. HALO offers various promo travel mugs to fit your marketing needs. Browse affordable plastic travel mugs, double wall insulated plastic mugs and stainless steel mugs with handles. No matter which you choose, each mug has a large imprint area for your logo and brand message.

Get your brand out to the world; personalized travel cups go where your audience goes. Everyone from business professionals to college students to stay-at-home parents appreciate cups to take their favorite drinks on the go. Discuss the different styles with your HALO Account Executive to determine which cup best fits your brand and audience.

Custom Promotional Travel Mugs

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Pacas Vacuum Travel Mug - 16 oz.
Style Number: 8932-SL230SS As low as $14.99 View Details
Insulated Auto Cup with Thumb-Slide Lid - 16 oz
Style Number: 5599-AC16 As low as $2.39 View Details
Insulated Auto Mug - 16 oz
Style Number: 5599-AM16 As low as $2.49 View Details
Twister Tumbler™ - 16 oz.
Style Number: 5284-4010 As low as $2.56 View Details
Twister Mug™ - 16 oz.
Style Number: 5284-4000 As low as $2.69 View Details
Heat It Up 24 oz. Soup Cup
Style Number: 1165-KM8005 As low as $2.89 View Details
Columbia Insulated Tumbler - 16 oz.
Style Number: 9021-SM-6640 As low as $2.99 View Details
Cyclone Tumbler with Straw - 16 oz
Style Number: 9021-SM-6656 As low as $3.19 View Details
Jackie Glass Mason Jar - 20 oz.
Style Number: 3468-GLS21 As low as $3.25 View Details
Seaside Travel Mug - 15 oz.
Style Number: 9021-SM-6809 As low as $3.69 View Details
Laguna Travel Mug - 16 oz.
Style Number: 9021-SM-6740 As low as $3.85 View Details
Mega Mug - 22 oz.
Style Number: 5284-4022 As low as $3.89 View Details
Viking Sports Bottle - 28 oz.
Style Number: 3468-PC70 As low as $3.98 View Details
Mason Jar Tumbler with Mix-n-Match Lid and Straw - 28 oz.
Style Number: 1165-KM8000 As low as $3.99 View Details
Everest Clarity Tumbler - 19 oz.
Style Number: 6115-5964 As low as $3.99 View Details
Blurpy Tumbler - 24 oz.
Style Number: 3468-TM54 As low as $4.00 View Details
Passion 22 oz. Hot or Cold Tumbler
Style Number: 1165-KM8104 As low as $4.19 View Details
Cayman Travel Tumbler - 16 oz.
Style Number: 9021-SM-6739 As low as $4.19 View Details
Aspen Stainless Travel Mug - 15 oz
Style Number: 6489-ASPEN As low as $4.19 View Details
Biodegradable  Double  Wall Tumbler - 16 oz.
Style Number: 3468-TM16 As low as $4.33 View Details
Arctic Aluminum Sports Bottle - 24 oz.
Style Number: 3468-SB007 As low as $4.50 View Details
Slurpy Dome Tumbler - 16 oz.
Style Number: 3468-TM50D As low as $4.75 View Details
Bloom Geometric Tumbler - 16 oz.
Style Number: 66887-1625-17 As low as $4.98 View Details
Fury II 18 oz. Stainless Steel Tumbler
Style Number: 1165-KM7503 As low as $4.99 View Details
Spooner Mug With Bamboo Lid - 12 Oz.
Style Number: 6115-7172 As low as $4.99 View Details
Everest Noir Tumbler - 19 oz.
Style Number: 6115-5965 As low as $5.25 View Details
Double Wall Slurpy Tumbler with Metallic Insert  - 16 oz.
Style Number: 3468-TM50M As low as $5.25 View Details
Desire Hot or Cold Tumbler - 26 oz.
Style Number: 1165-KM8105 As low as $5.29 View Details
Prelude Stainless Steel Travel Mug - 18 oz
Style Number: 6489-PRELUDE As low as $5.39 View Details
Perka® Insulated Mug with Spill-Proof Lid - 17 oz.
Style Number: 1165-KM6129 As low as $5.50 View Details
Ringo Tumbler with Metallic Insert - 18 oz.
Style Number: 3468-TM71M As low as $5.75 View Details
Double Wall Slurpy Tumbler with Burlap Insert  - 16 oz.
Style Number: 3468-TM50BP As low as $5.83 View Details
Stainless Steel Travel Mug with Plastic Liner - 18 oz.
Style Number: 7192-1670 As low as $5.99 View Details
Chalk Board Tumbler with Straw - 16 oz.
Style Number: 3468-TM50BTS As low as $6.25 View Details
Fru-Tea Infuser Bottle - 24 oz.
Style Number: 3468-PC176 As low as $6.75 View Details
Nemo Sports Bottle - 30 oz.
Style Number: 3468-SB150 As low as $6.75 View Details
Double Wall Diego Tumbler with Metallic Insert - 20 oz.
Style Number: 3468-TM57M As low as $6.98 View Details
Bubble Tumbler with Paper Insert - 16 oz.
Style Number: 3468-BB10P As low as $7.00 View Details
Kraving Shatter Resistant Glass Bottle - 18 oz.
Style Number: 3468-GLS262 As low as $7.25 View Details
Hot & Cold Flip n Sip Vortex Tumbler - 20 oz.
Style Number: 66887-1623-57 As low as $7.28 View Details
Result1-40 of 100

About Custom Promotional Travel Mugs

How to Choose Promotional Travel Mugs

When it comes to promotional travel mugs, the style is completely up to you. HALO offers options to fit any marketing budget, brand personality, and campaign theme. How do you determine which style is right for you? Start with your budget.

If your budget is a little tight, consider plastic promo travel mugs and cups. Plastic travel cups come in many fun, bright colors to complement your logo and campaign theme. They’re available with or without handles, and have large imprint areas in the center of the cup. In some cases, full color and multi-location imprints are available, too. If you choose a plastic travel mug, you can add value to your promo item by filling it with extra goodies such as candy and pens.

If you have a little wiggle room in your budget, consider a double wall insulated mug. Double wall insulation provides extra temperature retention to keep drinks hot or cold for longer while preventing sweating on the outside of the mug. Double wall insulated cups and mugs come in various materials, too, so ask your HALO Account Executive for details. One popular brand known for its insulated cups is Tervis®. Their unique design gives you additional customization options such as embroidered emblems and full color wraps.

While they generally cost more than plastic mugs, stainless steel travel mugs may make a bigger impact. They have a higher perceived value and typically last longer than traditional plastic mugs. Additionally, they keep drinks hot or colder for longer than plastic mugs.

If your budget allows, add travel mugs to a larger coffee gift basket for important clients. Ask your HALO Account Executive how everything in the basket can have your logo on it. It’s a great way to make a lasting impression.