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Custom Personalized Tumblers

Customizable tumblers put your brand in their hand. Whether heading out the door with a fresh cup of coffee or relaxing at the end of the day with a refreshing drink, they’ll think of your brand.

Select promotional tumblers based on your marketing campaign needs. For a massive giveaway, you might look to HALO’s affordable plastic logo tumblers, available in a vast range of styles and colors, including glow-in-the-dark tumblers with straws. To make more impact for a thoughtful gift, choose stainless steel and brand-name tumblers.

HALO offers tumblers in a wide range of colors, styles, and materials. Not sure which tumbler is best for your audience? Consult your HALO Account Executive and ask about free samples.

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Bloom Geometric Tumbler - 16 oz.
Style Number: 66887-1625-17 As low as $4.98 View Details
the Essentials Himalayan Tumbler – 20 Oz.
Style Number: 6115-5790 As low as $15.31 | SALE $8.75 View Details
the Essentials The Traveler
Style Number: 7953-MG708 As low as $4.39 | SALE $3.32 View Details
Classic Tervis Tumbler with Travel Lid - 16 oz.
Style Number: 22425-16-I As low as $11.63 View Details
The Cup™
Style Number: 6115-5950 As low as $1.69 View Details
Patriot Single Wall Travel Tumbler - 20 oz
Style Number: 5599-TC20 As low as $2.49 View Details
Full-Color Classic Stadium Tumbler - 18 Oz.
Style Number: 101314-AHD47855 As low as $2.50 View Details
Twister Tumbler™ - 16 oz.
Style Number: 5284-4010 As low as $2.56 View Details
Twister Mug™ - 16 oz.
Style Number: 5284-4000 As low as $2.69 View Details
Infinity Travel Tumbler Mug - 16 oz
Style Number: 6489-IF2-FDP As low as $2.80 View Details
Everyday Plastic Tumbler - 16 oz
Style Number: 4629-MG112 As low as $2.99 View Details
Plastic Milk Jug Tumbler - 16 oz.
Style Number: 4629-TM5704 As low as $2.99 View Details
Columbia Insulated Tumbler - 16 oz.
Style Number: 9021-SM-6640 As low as $2.99 View Details
Cyclone Tumbler with Straw - 16 oz
Style Number: 9021-SM-6656 As low as $3.19 View Details
Double Old-Fashioned Glass Tumbler - 14 oz. - Custom Glow
Style Number: 7192-65CG As low as $3.35 View Details
Cafe Travel Tumbler - 16 oz
Style Number: 6489-16CT As low as $3.39 View Details
Legend Stainless Steel Tumbler - 16 Oz.
Style Number: 7701-WBL As low as $3.39 View Details
Reusable To-Go Classic Coffee Tumbler - 16 oz
Style Number: 4629-TM0702 As low as $3.49 View Details
Executive Double Old-Fashioned Tumbler - 14 oz. - Custom Frosty Glow
Style Number: 7192-65CFG As low as $3.60 View Details
Translucent Double Wall Fun Cup - 15 oz.
Style Number: 7192-84915 As low as $3.65 View Details
Light Bulb Tumbler with Straw – 20 oz.
Style Number: 9021-SM-6624 As low as $3.69 View Details
Sedici Tumbler - 16 oz
Style Number: 66887-1622-63 As low as $3.78 View Details
Eldorado Stainless Travel Tumbler - 15 oz
Style Number: 6489-ELDORADO As low as $3.89 View Details
Mega Mug - 22 oz.
Style Number: 5284-4022 As low as $3.89 View Details
16 Oz. Aviva Tumbler
Style Number: 4629-TM7816 As low as $3.99 View Details
Everest Clarity Tumbler - 19 oz.
Style Number: 6115-5964 As low as $3.99 View Details
Mason Jar Tumbler with Mix-n-Match Lid and Straw - 28 oz.
Style Number: 1165-KM8000 As low as $3.99 View Details
Good Value® Glacial Compact Tumbler – 15 Oz.
Style Number: 4048-46216 As low as $3.99 View Details
Blurpy Tumbler - 24 oz.
Style Number: 3468-TM54 As low as $4.00 View Details
Ventura Double Wall Tumbler - 14 oz
Style Number: 4629-TM2515 As low as $4.19 View Details
Cayman Travel Tumbler - 16 oz.
Style Number: 9021-SM-6739 As low as $4.19 View Details
Passion 22 oz. Hot or Cold Tumbler
Style Number: 1165-KM8104 As low as $4.19 View Details
Double Wall Plastic Tumbler - 20 oz
Style Number: 6852-DT31 As low as $4.27 View Details
Good Value® Meier Flip Tumbler - 16 Oz.
Style Number: 4048-46191 As low as $4.32 View Details
Biodegradable  Double  Wall Tumbler - 16 oz.
Style Number: 3468-TM16 As low as $4.33 View Details
Steel City Stainless Tumbler - 14 oz.
Style Number: 7192-756 As low as $4.39 View Details
Slurpy Dome Tumbler - 16 oz.
Style Number: 3468-TM50D As low as $4.75 View Details
Good Value® Ryan Tumbler - 20 Oz.
Style Number: 4048-46161 As low as $4.75 View Details
Vortex Travel Tumbler - 16 oz
Style Number: 66887-1622-97 As low as $4.78 View Details
Result1-40 of 165

About Shop Now

Using Promotional Tumblers for Marketing Your Brand



Adding promotional tumblers to your marketing mix not only increases brand exposure but also motivates. Tumblers deliver a shot of brand exposure and encourage eco-friendly habits. Inspire employees and clients to ditch disposable cups in favor of our beautiful, reusable tumblers featuring your logo.

Since many people bring their tumblers on the go, they provide multiple impressions at the user’s workplace or school. Distributing promotional tumblers to anyone who travels can spread your brand message across towns, states and even countries.

As trade show handouts, promotional tumbler cups are appreciated. If your show booth happens to have a coffee machine on hand, attendees will flock to your booth for free coffee. They’ll walk away satisfied and with a memento of your brand. If you can’t fill them with free coffee, consider stuffing tumblers with goodies like candy or packets of coffee or hot cocoa for a thoughtful touch.

As gifts to staff or prospects, consider a tumbler with a leather of faux leather sleeve and beautiful debossed logo. Another valuable gift option is a stainless steel tumbler. The sleek lines suggest permanence and reliability—elements that only strengthen your brand appeal.