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Promotional Clocks

HALO's promotional clocks will have your company’s campaign working overtime. Custom clocks feature your company’s logo, so whenever important clients or employees check in, they know you’re there for them. HALO has something for every style. Browse luxury brass clocks, contemporary chrome styles and other affordable timepieces.

Branded wall clocks are great pieces for corporations to place throughout the office and in stores. Promotional desk clocks can make nice executive gifts when customized with a personal message. Clock decoration is generally a screen print or laser engraving. Ask your HALO Account Executive for help choosing the clock and decoration method that best fits your branding needs.

Promotional Wall & Desk Clocks

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Leatherette Desk Clock and Pen Holder
Style Number: 1165-EC3211  View Details
12" Slim Wall Clock
Style Number: 4629-CW23  View Details
Multifunction Desk Clock and Organizer
Style Number: 1165-EC3305  View Details
Hinged Desk Clock and Photo Frame
Style Number: 1165-EC2000  View Details
Wright Flyer Clock
Style Number: 6852-810AP  View Details
Venus Clock
Style Number: 6852-6814  View Details
Venus Clock
Style Number: 6852-6815  View Details
Howard Miller Regent Glass Arch Clock
Style Number: 20304-645-579  View Details
Howard Miller Ebony Luster Glass Arch Clock
Style Number: 20304-645-702  View Details
Glass Hinged Clock
Style Number: 6852-4900  View Details
Cornell Clock
Style Number: 6852-6463  View Details
Howard Miller Augustine Glass Bracket Clock
Style Number: 20304-645-691  View Details
Spiral Clock
Style Number: 6852-3260  View Details
Harvard Clock
Style Number: 6852-7119  View Details
Newton Clock Picture Frame
Style Number: 6852-8134  View Details
Medium Planetarium Clock
Style Number: 6852-8135  View Details
Howard Miller Monroe Rosewood Arch Clock
Style Number: 20304-645-446  View Details
Howard Miller Paragon Crystal Tapered Clock
Style Number: 20304-645-727  View Details
Lafayette Clock
Style Number: 6852-6438  View Details
Howard Miller Adonis Round Rosewood Clock
Style Number: 20304-645-708  View Details
Howard Miller Cooper Glass Clock - Custom Dial
Style Number: 20304-645-643CD  View Details
Davant Clock Picture Frame
Style Number: 6852-8133  View Details
Tempus Mudus Clock
Style Number: 6852-6089WTC  View Details
Stimulus Clock
Style Number: 4048-36613  View Details
Result1-40 of 57

About Promotional Wall & Desk Clocks

Choosing the Right Promotional Clock

Personalized and promotional clocks are a premium executive gift of choice, and HALO offers a variety of finishes and styles. How do you know which clock your recipient will enjoy most?

The first thing to consider is where the clock will be displayed. As a gift, custom logo wall clocks are more practical for someone with a lot of space.  An executive can hang one in her office or the company president might choose to display one in the reception area at headquarters.  Wall clocks offer room for a larger decoration, but remember to incorporate the face of the clock into your design, too.

Promotional desk clocks make a sophisticated office accessory and attract attention from both recipients and their office visitors. These are often more personalized clocks with a special recognition plate or engraving. HALO offers everything from luxury brass clocks to contemporary glass and polished chrome.

Another thing to consider is the face of the clock. Roman numerals give a clock a more high-end appearance, and digital analog clocks can show you are tech-savvy. Remember to consider specialty clocks, too. Some clocks do more than tell time; you can find clocks that have built in thermometers, calendars and picture frames. HALO has something for everybody.  

A clock is a great way to make a statement and serves as a thoughtful gift for employees, executives and clients. Ask your HALO Account Executive how to best incorporate a promotional clock into your marketing strategy.