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Promotional Travel Items

Regular travelers will feel at home while traveling with something from HALO’s selection of promotional travel gifts. Browse travel wallets, branded luggage tags, custom cosmetic bags and other personalized travel accessories. These products will make their trip more enjoyable and remind them that your brand will always go the extra mile.

Gifts for traveling are appreciated by anyone who takes many trips, and HALO has everything they need to travel worry-free. Some products, such as earplugs and TSA friendly bags, are best suited for frequent flyers. Others are great for any type of trip.

No matter what you choose, when your travel promotional items are used, numerous people in airports and hotels see your brand. Business or pleasure, take your promotion on the road or in the air with our selection of stylish travel gifts.

Promotional Travel Products And Gifts

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Sweet Pea Diaper Bag Kit
Style Number: 5607-1495 As low as $22.99 View Details
LEEMAN New York Woodbury Valuables Pouch
Style Number: 7953-LG-9063 As low as $8.50 View Details
Canyon Outback® Copper Breaks Magnetic Money Clip
Style Number: 106850-T523 As low as $16.50 View Details
Bozeman Falls Canyon Outback® Tri-fold Wallet
Style Number: 106850-T526 As low as $28.00 View Details
Waterproof Bag
Style Number: 112808-40229 As low as $18.00 View Details
Travel Quillow Pillow Throw
Style Number: 112808-40165 As low as $21.25 View Details
4-Piece Spa Gift Bag
Style Number: 112808-80191 As low as $14.50 View Details
Infinity Analog Watch
Style Number: 4629-WA2402 As low as $19.99 View Details
Challenger Lambswool Throw Blanket - 30” x 45”
Style Number: 112808-20549 As low as $18.00 View Details
Birmingham Travel Gift Set
Style Number: 1165-ES3505 As low as $20.99 View Details
Mega Tech 6-Piece Travel Set
Style Number: 1165-GC1560 As low as $28.99 View Details
Barranca Canyon™ Leather Luggage Tag
Style Number: 106850-CS425 As low as $10.50 View Details
Navajo Canyon™ Leather Luggage Tag
Style Number: 106850-T425 As low as $13.50 View Details
Bryce River Canyon® Bi-Fold Leather Wallet
Style Number: 106850-T551 As low as $21.00 View Details
2-Port Wall and Car Charger - 3.4A
Style Number: 22239-AD342 As low as $16.90 View Details
Light Up Universal Adapter
Style Number: 22239-AD3633 As low as $23.90 View Details
Wall Charger with 4 USB Ports - 4.8 Amp
Style Number: 22239-AD714 As low as $14.90 View Details
Sports Wireless Bluetooth® Headset – 80 mAh
Style Number: 22239-EB966 As low as $14.90 View Details
Retractable 2-in-1 Cable with Metal Tip
Style Number: 22239-ED20 As low as $5.90 View Details
MFi 2-in-1 Flat Cable
Style Number: 22239-ED569 As low as $17.90 View Details
USB-C to USB-C Cable
Style Number: 22239-ED616 As low as $8.90 View Details
High Quality Stereo Earphones with Microphone
Style Number: 22239-EP368 As low as $8.50 View Details
Dual USB Power Bank with LED Light & MFi Cable Gift Set - 10,000 mAh
Style Number: 22239-GB5169 As low as $42.90 View Details
Power Bank Bluetooth® Speaker Tech Gift Set
Style Number: 22239-GB8212 As low as $91.70 View Details
Power Bank and Wireless Mouse Gift Set – 5,000 mAh
Style Number: 22239-GP1599 As low as $35.90 View Details
Rubberized Power Bank with MFi 3-in-1 Cable Gift Set - 5,000 mAh
Style Number: 22239-GP5069 As low as $38.90 View Details
Power Bank, Wall Adapter, and 2-in-1 Charging Cable Gift Set - 5,000 mAh
Style Number: 22239-GP50831 As low as $31.90 View Details
Wireless Charger Power Bank with 3-in-1 Cable Gift Set - 8,000mAh
Style Number: 22239-GP588 As low as $41.90 View Details
Type C Power Bank and Apple Cable Gift Set - 20,000 mAh
Style Number: 22239-GP827 As low as $58.80 View Details
Portable Power Bank with Keychain Hook - 2,200 mAh
Style Number: 22239-PC2806 As low as $10.90 View Details
Faux Leather Dual-Port Power Bank - 5,000 mAh
Style Number: 22239-PC3589 As low as $14.90 View Details
Breathing Power Bank – 5,000 mAh
Style Number: 22239-PC5056HB-UL As low as $17.90 View Details
Power Bank – 5,000 mAh
Style Number: 22239-PC5056-UL As low as $14.90 View Details
Power Bank with Built-in Cords - 5,000 mAh
Style Number: 22239-PC5619 As low as $15.90 View Details
Two-Tone Power Bank - 5,000 mAh
Style Number: 22239-PC8520-UL As low as $18.90 View Details
Ultra-Slim UFO Charging Transmitter with LED Light
Style Number: 22239-QC104 As low as $7.50 View Details
Thin and Quick Wireless Charging Pad – 10W
Style Number: 22239-QC708 As low as $16.90 View Details
Bluetooth® Speaker with Phone Stand – 400 mAh
Style Number: 22239-RS946 As low as $16.90 View Details
Result1-38 of 38

About Promotional Travel Products And Gifts

How to Travel with Clients & Prospects – Give Them Promotional Travel Items

Add your logo to promotional travel items and your brand will stand out in airports, hotels and rest stops. Many personalized travel accessories are value-priced so you can hand them out at large events or buy multiple items to create thoughtful care packages for regular travelers.

Promotional luggage tags are a simple way to get your brand on every suitcase and carry-on bag that your audience uses. Wherever their bag goes, your brand will be seen by numerous people. Consider a bright, colorful luggage tag to make it easy to spot on the luggage carousel.

For global exposure, consider valuable gifts for traveling such as a wallet perfect for holding passports, tickets, money and travel documents. On travel wallets and bags your logo will be displayed in a classy deboss or bold screen print.

While practical gifts are always appreciated, comfort commodities can be a nice surprise for regular travelers. Consider travel blankets, pillows and eye masks as parts of a gift set for clients who travel long distances for your brand.

No matter where life takes them, show you care with travel promotional items to make their trips easier. Your HALO Account Executive can help you find the right travel gifts to show you care.