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Promotional Gift Sets

Looking for something special to make a lasting impression? HALO’s promotional gift sets include various items thoughtfully bundled together to make great gifts for around the holidays or to give to event attendees.

Our gift sets generally follow a theme, whether it’s everything you need to listen to your favorite jams or the perfect items for a cozy cup of coffee by the fire. Often, all items in the promotional gift bundle include your brand message, too. That means prolonged exposure for your brand! Browse below to find something ideal for your next marketing campaign, holiday gifts or corporate event.

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Sleep Easy Set
Style Number: 66887-6640-01 As low as $4.08 View Details
Gift-Boxed Aluminum Ballpoint Pen and Pencil Set
Style Number: 1165-BB1680 As low as $4.99 View Details
Ambassador Flex Bound JournalBook™ Bundle Set
Style Number: 66887-1900-01 As low as $6.68 View Details
Hot-n-Cold Gift Set
Style Number: 4629-GFT3107 As low as $8.99 View Details
4-in-1 Wine Club Gift Set
Style Number: 4629-BW6810 As low as $11.79 View Details
Color Pop Bound JournalBook™ Bundle Set
Style Number: 66887-7200-98 As low as $12.28 View Details
Malmo Mix’N’Match Gift Set
Style Number: 4629-GFT3106 As low as $12.99 View Details
Wake Up Kit
Style Number: 23052-PRBH As low as $13.71 View Details
Brass Ballpoint Pen and Pencil Set with Case
Style Number: 1165-BA4580 As low as $14.50 View Details
Heartwarming Gift Set
Style Number: 4629-GFT5203 As low as $14.99 View Details
Ambassador Power Gift Set
Style Number: 66887-0044-08 As low as $15.48 View Details
Santa Fe Wine Growler with Premium Gift Box
Style Number: 4629-GFT9804 As low as $19.79 | SALE $16.48 View Details
Diplomat Junior Journal Gift Set
Style Number: 1165-ES3503 As low as $17.99 View Details
Franklin Ballpoint and Rollerball Set
Style Number: 4629-PP9303 As low as $23.99 | SALE $19.98 View Details
Signature Junior Journal Gift Set
Style Number: 1165-ES3504 As low as $19.99 View Details
Birmingham Travel Gift Set
Style Number: 1165-ES3505 As low as $20.99 View Details
Jr. Tech 5 Piece Travel Set
Style Number: 1165-GC1559 As low as $22.99 View Details
Nice-n-Cozy Fleece Gift Set
Style Number: 4629-GFT0202 As low as $23.99 View Details
Swiggy Stainless Steel Bottle With Bottle Brush
Style Number: 6115-9878 As low as $43.79 | SALE $28.78 View Details
Mega Tech 6-Piece Travel Set
Style Number: 1165-GC1560 As low as $28.99 View Details
Himalayan Tumbler Gift Set
Style Number: 6115-9870 As low as $47.89 | SALE $31.48 View Details
Moleskine® Large Notebook and GO Pen Gift Set
Style Number: 5607-100479 As low as $46.62 | SALE $31.88 View Details
20/20 Tundra 2-Pack
Style Number: 4629-GFT6001 As low as $32.99 View Details
Basecamp® Zion Mug Set
Style Number: 4629-GFT20808 As low as $41.99 | SALE $34.99 View Details
Tuscany® Thermos & Coffee Cups Gift Set
Style Number: 7953-LG-9278 As low as $41.72 View Details
Empire™ Thermos & Cups Ghirardelli® Cocoa Set
Style Number: 7953-LG-9317 As low as $48.33 View Details
PowerUp Kit
Style Number: 103890-POWERUPKIT As low as $48.33 View Details
MusicBox Kit
Style Number: 103890-MUSICBOXKIT As low as $53.33 View Details
PowerPlay Kit
Style Number: 103890-POWERPLAYKIT As low as $55.00 View Details
Swiss Army® Golf Tool & Callaway® Golf Ball Set
Style Number: 9383-69718 As low as $68.00 View Details
Music Bank Kit
Style Number: 103890-MUSICBANKKIT As low as $76.67 View Details
Urban Peak Gift Set
Style Number: 8932-32099 As low as $79.99 View Details
Result1-32 of 32

About Shop Now

Why Choose Promotional Gift Sets?


Sometimes one promotional item just doesn’t do it. If you’re looking for an array of promo items to represent your brand, consider a thoughtfully bundled gift set. Rather than scrambling to find the perfect items to put together, let HALO do the work. We have a number of promotional gift sets carefully crafted for your audience.

Our tech gift bundles combine every day necessities like power banks and car chargers with luxury speakers and headphones. These gifts are sure to please tech lovers, making them ideal as executive gifts or employee recognition items.

Food-related gift bundles often include tasty treats and everything you need to enjoy them. Consider barbecue and picnic gift sets for top clients. Smaller promotional gift sets may include coffee mugs with individual hot cocoa packages. These are great for client and employee gifts around the holidays.

If you’re not sure which bundle is right for your brand or audience, contact HALO to discuss your options. We’ll help you find a promo gift bundle that complements your brand and fits your budget. We can also help you craft a gift set from scratch if you have specific items in mind.