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Service Award Gifts & Plaques

Reward your staff with plaques and other employee service award gifts customized for their achievements. Service awards and incentive programs improve employee retention. When compared to recruiting and training for new employees, the investment is minimal. These valuable gifts will remind employees of your appreciation for years to come.

HALO offers a wide variety of recognition pieces. Browse from budget-friendly acrylics to one-of-a-kind art glass. Many gifts and service award plaques come with a laser-engraved imprint. Single-color engravings give any award an elegant look. Full color options are also available on some awards. Ask your HALO Account Executive about different imprint options for your products.

Service Award Gifts & Plaques

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Acrylic Crescent (4 x 6)
Style Number: 6852-AC0001  View Details
Acrylic Crescent (5 x 7)
Style Number: 6852-AC0002  View Details
Fantasy Optic Crystal Ornament
Style Number: 62985-9061  View Details
Lenier Award 4"
Style Number: 21891-7081  View Details
Orbit Award
Style Number: 4048-36422  View Details
Clear Slant Top Paperweight
Style Number: 4048-35700  View Details
Jaffa® Acrylic Glow Award
Style Number: 4048-36869  View Details
Enterprise Curve Award
Style Number: 4048-36625  View Details
Jaffa® Stellar Award
Style Number: 4048-36420  View Details
Jaffa® Diamond Ice Award - Medium
Style Number: 4048-36421  View Details
Knockout Award
Style Number: 4048-36423  View Details
Palacio Acrylic Award
Style Number: 6852-AC0005  View Details
Jaffa® Metallic Shooting Star Award
Style Number: 4048-36863  View Details
Jade Scroll Award - Medium
Style Number: 4048-35258  View Details
Jade Scroll Award - Large
Style Number: 4048-35260  View Details
Executive Business Card Sculpture
Style Number: 5410-DW2-354  View Details
Cyrk Starphire Crystal Award
Style Number: 62985-1303  View Details
Small Jade Octagon Award
Style Number: 4048-35263  View Details
Positano Award
Style Number: 110870-FS-1092  View Details
Wexford Award
Style Number: 110870-FS-1090  View Details
Jaffa® Oval Step Award
Style Number: 4048-36876  View Details
Jaffa® Sail Blue Award
Style Number: 4048-36875  View Details
Jaffa® Sky Scraper Award
Style Number: 4048-36877  View Details
Barclay Obelisk Award
Style Number: 4048-35386  View Details
Elation Crystal Award
Style Number: 110870-FS-483  View Details
Droplet Award
Style Number: 4048-35825  View Details
Jaffa® Starfire Echo Award  - Large
Style Number: 4048-35227  View Details
Result1-28 of 28

About Service Award Gifts & Plaques

About Service Award Gifts in Employee Retention Programs

Service award gifts are an important part of employee appreciation and retention programs. An award or service award plaque has more staying power than cash or gift cards; employees will remember your recognition and proudly display the award for others to see. Most types of service award gifts can be hung on a wall or come with a stand to sit neatly on a desk or shelf. They are available in a variety of materials and finishes such as rosewood, marble and aluminum.

Additionally, these materials can often be customized in various ways. For a classic look, choose an engraving with your company name and information about the employee. For an award with some extra “pop”, ask about full color imprint options.

HALO offers various sizes and designs that can represent different years of service. Even a change in color can distinguish the 5-year award from the 20-year award. Consider giving rewards to recipients at a banquet with the entire company. Recipients will be proud of their achievements, and other employees will want to strive to be like them. If an employee can’t make the event to receive their award, you can mail it to them. Most service award gifts are sturdy enough to withstand shipping across the country.

Ready to implement an employee appreciation and retention program? Talk to your HALO Account Executive about how to begin.