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Holidays & National Awareness Month Promotions

Between countless holidays and dozens of national awareness months, there is a lot of opportunity to further market your brand throughout the year. Our guides illustrate how to keep your holiday promotions unique, authentic and specific so the promotions connect with customers and make an impact.

Long-term campaigns for national awareness months maximize engagement with a multi-pronged marketing strategy. Read how to incorporate promotional products in your campaign while raising awareness to keep your brand visible long after the month has ended. Learn how any holiday or awareness month can serve as the foundation of a terrific promotion in HALO Branded Solutions’ detailed resource guides below.

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Breast Cancer Awareness Month Category

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Military Appreciation Category

Congress established Military Appreciation Month in 1999. Since its inauguration May has served as the honorary month that marks an opportunity to give thanks to our troops. There are many ways the community can show their support this May. Schools, independent organizations and local communities celebrate [...] read the full article: Use Personalized Military Gifts in May for Military Awareness Month

Nurses Week Category

Nurses Appreciation Week is a national holiday celebrated annually, May 6 - May 12. Are you having trouble brainstorming the perfect way to show your appreciation? We’ve got some ideas up our sleeve that will help you plan the perfect celebration with our Nurses Week Gifts [...] read the full article: Nurses Week Gift Ideas for Hospitals and Schools Show Appreciation