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Awareness Ribbons Colors

Color plays an important part in promoting any cause awareness campaign. Before you get too far into the planning process, check the awareness ribbon colors below to see which one you should use in your marketing pieces. Stick with the color already established for your cause. Support groups across the country use this color to raise money and awareness, and by committing to the established branding people will recognize your efforts, too. Use HALO's resources for your next awareness event.

Your cause’s color could affect the promotional products or product imprints you choose, too. If your cause’s color is yellow or some other light color, choose a darker imprint color. Similarly, if your cause color is purple or black, you’ll probably need to imprint in white.

If you don’t see your cause listed below, check the organization’s official website or contact a representative from the organization before choosing a color of your own. If the organization doesn’t have an official color, pick something that makes sense to the brand. It should be a simple color that’s easy to replicate. People will want to order promotional products and apparel in your cause’s color, so you don’t want anything they would have a hard time matching.

 Red: AIDS/HIV, Alcohol Abuse, Bullosa, D.A.R.E., Heart Disease, Love, Lymphoma, MADD, Pro-Life, Stroke, Substance Abuse 



Yellow: Adoptive Parents, Amber Alert, Bladder Cancer, Come Home, Endometriosis, Equality, General Symbol of Hope, Hunger, Liver Cancer, Liver Disease, Military Support, POW/MIA, Suicide Prevention



Blue: Arthritis, Child Abuse, Colon Cancer, Drunk Driving, Dystonia, Eating Disorders, Free Speech, Huntington’s Disease,Malaria, Pulmonary Hypertension, Reye’s Syndrome, Stomach Cancer, Teens Against Smoking, Victims Rights, Water Safety   



Pink: Birth Parent, Breast Cancer, Pregnancy and Infant Loss  




Green: Bone Marrow, Cerebral Palsy, Depression, Environment, Glaucoma, Kidney Cancer, Kidney Disease, Leukemia, Lyme Disease, Mental Illness, Missing Children, Organ/Tissue Donation 



Purple:  ADD, ADHD, Alzheimer’s, Animal Cruelty, Cancer Survivor, Crohn’s and Colitis Disease, Cystic Fibrosis, Domestic Violence, Fibromyalgia, Homeless, Leimyosarcoma, Lupus, Pancreatic Cancer, Religious Tolerance, Sarcoidosis



White: Alzheimer’s, Blindness, Bone Cancer, Bone Disease, Carbon Monoxide Poisoning, Child Exploitation, Diabetes, Marriage Equality, Peace, Post Partum Depression, Poverty, Right to Life, Victims of Terrorism   



Orange: Cultural Diversity, Hunger, Kidney Cancer, Leukemia, Motorcyclist Safety, Skin Cancer, Work Zone Safety



Teal: Cervical Cancer, Colon Cancer, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, Ovarian Cancer, Sexual Assault, Substance Abuse, Tourette Syndrome, Uterine Cancer   



  Lavender: Epilepsy, Foster Care, General Cancer Awareness     




Gray: Allergies, Aphasia, Asthma, Brain Cancer, Diabetes, Mental Illness, Parkinson’s  




Black: Anti-Gangs, Gun Control, Melanoma, Mourning, Narcolepsy, POW/MIA      




Burgundy: Deafness, Hospice Care, Meningitis, Myeloma       




Light Blue: Men’s Health, Prostate Cancer, Scleroderma, Thyroid Disease       




Lime Green: Lyme Disease, Lymphoma, Muscular Dystrophy, Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma 




Pearl: Emphysema, Lung Cancer, Lung Disease, Mesothelioma, Multiple Sclerosis  




Brown: Anti-Tobacco, Colon Cancer

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