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Nurses Week ideas - Gift and Events for Hospitals and Schools to Show Appreciation

Nurses Appreciation Week is a national holiday celebrated annually, May 6 - May 12. Are you having trouble brainstorming the perfect way to show your appreciation? We’ve got some ideas up our sleeve that will help you plan the perfect celebration with our Top 5 Nurse Appreciation Gifts.

May 6: Complimentary Nurses Luncheon

Let your nurses relax when you give them a complimentary luncheon. Cater from a local restaurant or organize a potluck. Either option will give nurses a chance to kick back and enjoy some delicious food. At the end of the luncheon, give each nurse a gift
of appreciation, like a personalized tote bag.

May 8: Health Fair & Student Nurses Day

The American Nurses Association suggests holding a health fair. Health fairs promote the reason nurses exist - for the welfare of good health. Your fair can be targeted towards anyone, depending on your institution. If you represent an elementary school, provide information for young children. Have booths or activities explaining the importance of washing hands or the benefits of eating fruits/vegetables. A health fair hosted by a medical clinic can be targeted towards specific age groups. Outline the importance of getting routine prostate exams for men or increasing calcium intake for older women. Spread the knowledge!

Student Nurses Day falls on May 8 every year. Give nursing students a token of your appreciation with a great gift, such as personalized backpacks to carry their books or a customized canvas bag. Such gifts are useful for school and help make managing a busy school schedule a little easier.

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May 10: Nurses Gift Basket Day

Arrange a gift basket that carries fun, useful items for nurses week. Include tasty snacks, such as brownies, cookies or candy for some sweet motivation. Throw in a daily-use item, such as custom water bottles. Consider desk items, like personalized Post-it® notes, or personalized pens. Nurses need desk accessories to leave notes for coworkers or teachers (if you’re a school nurse). Give gifts your nurses will find useful - some of the best gifts are both fun and functional.

May 12: Awards Banquet

End Nurses week with an awards banquet commemorating nurses for their achievements and milestones. The banquet can be held at a community center, which can be available for low to no cost. Make the event classy by requiring formal dress and having a band or DJ provide the evening’s music. Consider getting entertainment, such as dance or musical groups. You’re also likely to find many great restaurants that will provide catering for your banquet.

Some award ideas include outstanding achievement, a milestone in years of service or a “Patient’s Choice.” Look at your nursing staff to get a better idea of what they’ve achieved in the past year. Prior to the banquet, ask your other staff to nominate and vote for which nurses they believe should receive each award.

Finally, give away a token of your appreciation to each nurse, such as personalized picture frames with a photo of your staff. It’s a sure reminder of their wonderful, caring colleagues.

I Represent a School - a Nurses Week Award Banquet Doesn’t Make Sense to Me:

An awards banquet might not be feasible for a school that only has a few nurses, so consider giving them a breakfast on the morning of the 12th. End the meal with a personalized picture frame of the school’s students and a bouquet of flowers to show them how much the school appreciates their work.

With a little push of creativity, you and your staff can dream up many different ways to appreciate your nurses for Nurse Appreciation Week!


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