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Fire Safety and Prevention Products Teach Fire Safety Year Round

Congratulations on your decision to host a fire safety awareness event. Most fires are preventable as a majority of the fires
in the U.S. are caused by human error. Fire prevention education goes a long way when it comes to saving homes, our possessions and more importantly, the lives of our friends, family and pets.

Help stop the damage by creating a campaign to help prevent the spread of fires.

Designing Your Fire Safety Awareness Program for Your Audience

Children - Because a majority of building fires happen in residential structures, or family housing, it is a good idea to focus your campaign on children—they learn quickly and will spread the knowledge to the rest of the family.

Children learn best by active participation—get them involved in your presentation. They also learn well in groups, and through social interaction, with other children their age. Use these methods to engage them at your fire safety awareness event. Some topics to cover with children include:

  • Safe usage of cooking and heating equipment (i.e. Asking for an adult’s permission before using)
  • What to do in the event of a fire
  • Asking parents/guardians to check fire safety equipment (i.e. Place a fire extinguisher in the house, check batteries on fire detectors)

Senior Citizens - Adults 65 and older are very susceptible to death or injury due to fires. In fact, they’re twice as likely to become injured or die from fire-related accidents, according to the National Fire Protection Association. If you’re speaking to an older audience, it is important to include facts about heightened risks and how to prevent accidents from happening to them.

The Community - You can also reach out to the whole family by hosting a community-wide awareness event. Just combine elements from both audiences above to ensure that people of all ages can leave more knowledgeable about fire safety than they were prior to attending.

Fire Safety Coloring Book

Product Style # 7436-NCB-FIRE

Organizing Your Fire Safety & Prevention Event

Children -  Local fire departments are great resources for a fire safety event, especially for schools. Contact your local fire chief and see if they can meet your students for an assembly or field trip. An informational session can be given a twist by implementing some simple incentives, such as giveaways.

If your organization is visiting an elementary school, make your presentation fun by giving them an educational fire safety coloring book to follow along with and take home. A fun item like this is cheap (as low as $0.48 each) and teaches easy prevention tips. It’s also effective to get the children involved. For example, have children present fire safety tips they’ve learned and reward them for their effort.

Senior Citizens - Fire departments are great fire safety hubs that can relay safety information to senior citizens, who are at heightened risk of being injured during a fire.

Consider having an entertaining informational session, such as a quiz game, where adults 65 and older can bring their entire family. If the whole family is present, more people can learn how to take precautions to keep their parents or grandparents safe.

The Community - Arrange the event at a community center save money on the venue, and have families play as teams to compete in the game. Ask questions about fire prevention, and give away prizes during the event, such as an imprinted water bottles or a stylish bag bearing an important message about fire safety.

If you advertise giveaways and the chance to win prizes, you’ll increase your turnout. They’ll have a good time and learn about fire safety and prevention. They won’t realize how much there is to learn about fire prevention until the game is over.

Funding Your Fire Prevention Education Campaign

There are several ways to fund your fire prevention education campaign including fundraisers, sponsorships and government funding. The amount you need varies based on the type of event you are hosting.

$1000 is more than enough for a Fireman Coloring Book - Our Friend the Firefighter and a Soybean Oil Crayons Panda Box - 4 Pack for elementary school with 500 students. A small fundraiser such as a bake sale or student concert could be enough to raise money for an informational session at one school.

If you represent a fire department or organization that is recognized for expertise in fire prevention and safety programs, you are eligible to apply for government funding of your awareness campaign.

The program you craft must help promote safety research and educate others about fire prevention. Funding is available through the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), where you can apply for up to $1 million.

Making Your Message Last with Fire Prevention Products

  • Partner with fire departments or community organizations to involve more people. This will make it easier to get the word out to a larger audience.
  • Take pictures and video. Then publish them on your organization’s website for others to reference later. Make sure to tell your audience where this information will be available. You can even imprint your items with your website, so your name and educational resources are at with them after they leave.
  • Hand out promotional fire safety awareness products branded with you logo to keep your message in front of them in their homes and offices. Fires have claimed too many lives and continue to cause extensive damage all over the country. Thank you for helping transform people from the problem into the solution with your fire prevention education campaign. We hope it spreads like, well… like wild-fire!
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