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Brand Marketing Case Studies

At HALO Branded Solutions you can read a variety of marketing case studies that illustrate practical solutions and marketing insights from real world promotional campaigns. We don’t expect you to risk failure to reap rewards: simply read our brand marketing case studies to acquire key takeaways from specific promotional strategies used by brands from every industry.

Find inspiration in our brand marketing case studies - the insights can guide you in lead generation, social media marketing, branding, and promotions. Explore our case studies below to learn how businesses like yours have grown to rely on their HALO Account Executives for innovative ideas and brilliant brand marketing solutions that have led them to success.

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Featured Brand Marketing Case Studies

Sales Incentive Branded GiftsIn years past, the company was a high profile sponsor at their largest trade show of the year. This exposure was effective, but also very expensive. Not wanting to compromise their high visibility but needing to stay within a smaller budget, they opted for an alternative sponsorship that has proved to be very successful with both visibility and budget limits.[...] read full article: Custom Flash Drive USB Lanyards Drive Trade Show Booth Traffic
Custom Banner Pens Promotional ProductsProvide local doctors and caseworkers with a quick reference point that includes information necessary to qualify patients for hospice care, while also reminding them of my clients’ brand and service [...] read the full article: Custom Promotional Pens Prescribe a Healthy Dose of Brand Exposure for Hospice Care Facility
Big Ten Conference Promotional ProductsAt previous Big Ten conferences, the hosting school provided promotional items featuring only their logo. Many items were deemed unusable after the conference — since University of Illinois staff could not be seen with a tote promoting the University of Ohio and vice versa [...] read the full article: Custom Trade Show Items Make a Big Impact at the Big Ten Conference
Bahamas Promotional Products

The company’s top sales representatives were treated to beach bound sales incentive trip in the Bahamas. Upon their arrival, the company wanted to ensure a warm welcome. Each sales club member swung open their hotel room doors to reveal a tropically-inspired welcome gift especially for them [...] read the full article: Branded Gifts and Awards Used to Welcome Reps to Sales Incentive Trip

Brand Marketing Case Studies

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