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Custom Flash Drive USB Lanyards Drive Trade Show Booth Traffic

http://www.halo.com/data/default/content/ae-images/Joe-Meininger.jpgJoe Meininger
Brand Marketing Specialist
Kalamazoo, MI


Drug Research Company


In years past, the company was a high profile sponsor at their largest trade show of the year. This exposure was effective, but also very expensive. Not wanting to compromise their high visibility but needing to stay within a smaller budget, they opted for an alternative sponsorship that has proved to be very successful with both visibility and budget limits.

Sales Incentive Branded Gifts

Target Audience:

Tradeshow attendees


Maintain optimum exposure by replacing the sponsorship with a more cost effective alternative. Retain company awareness to prospects and clients after the event. Provide company capabilities presentation that would be easily accessible and memorable after the show.


Client distributed 3,000 1G Credit Card USB Drives with custom lanyards to show attendees who are current and potential customers. Wearing the drive around their neck made them a walking billboard for the company throughout the trade show.

The incentive to wear it? Recipients were allowed free, unlimited access to the relaxation booth at the trade show, they were placed in a drawing for a free gift inside the booth, and they took home the unique USB drive with pre-loaded with information about the company and its services at their fingertips.


Similar products used within this cases study include: Key Drive KC Classic, Cotton Lanyard with Reflective Stitching - 5/8” Wide, Woven Lanyard - 3/4” Wide, Best Seller Swivel USB Flash Drive - 1 GB.

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