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Custom Promotional Pens Prescribe a Healthy Dose of Brand Exposure for Hospice Care Facility

Suzanne Grzybowski Account ExecutiveSue Gryzbowski
Marketing & Promotional Analyst
Phoenix, AZ


Hospice Care Facility


Provide local doctors and caseworkers with a quick reference point that includes information necessary to qualify patients for hospice care, while also reminding them of my clients’ brand and service.

Custom Banner Pens Promotional Products

Target Audience:

Doctors and caseworkers


Create an easy-to-use fact sheet that outlines all information needed to qualify patients for hospice care. Develop a way to utilize items doctors and caseworkers commonly carry with them so my client’s company name and hospice information is always on hand.

Doctors and caseworkers are busy and often on the move so the item needed to be small and functional. Hospice care qualifications and medical codes for billing and insurance purposes needed to be displayed alongside my client’s logo.


I proposed promotional banner pens because they’re not only functional, but practical! Promotional pens have long since been among the most popular products in our industry. By using promotional banner pens that offer writing and referencing functionality — you simplify your audiences’ workday.

Custom banner pens provide a two-sided scroll that conveniently unrolls to reveal all relevant information doctors’ often reference including qualifying information on one side, plus billing and insurance codes on the other. This all-in-one promo product offers two functional applications making it the perfect solution for both my client and their audience.

The doctors were able to carry the pens in their lab coat pockets. When considering someone for hospice care they’d just grab their pen. They no longer had to go back to a nurse’s station, or brochure counter to reference that information.

My client’s name and company information was at the tip of their hands and the top of their minds. The client was very pleased with the promotion and has received several patient referrals because of them.


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