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Attracting New Fans with Soccer Promotional Products

If you’ve ever played a sport, you know how good it feels to have fans cheering for you. But fans are much more than just people in the stands, so every team should make a conscious effort to maintain and develop their fan base.

Research has shown a real connection between the amount of fan support and the success of a team. A strong fan base can boost spirit and help your team win, and avid followers generally recruit new supporters. Fans back your team, financially and morally, by attending games and purchasing your merchandise. Plus, the more enthusiastic and extensive your fan-base is, the more easily you’ll attract corporate sponsors to help your team grow even more. As soccer continues to grow in popularity in the United States, it should be easier than ever to attract new fans to your soccer club.

Use Social Media

According to a study by the Pew Research Center, 24% of American adults are involved in sports or rec leagues for themselves or their children. Consider meeting these enthusiastic fans through social media. The study found that internet users are more active in group activities than non-users. Often, these group members are using social media as a way to keep up with schedules and communicate with other group members. Connect with members of the soccer community through social media to help grow interest in your own team. Authentic connections help you earn the trust of the community while gaining long-term fans.

Market Your Team with Soccer Promotional Products

Once you’ve made a connection, you can use soccer promotional products to draw fans to your team.

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You might start by giving away small items with your logo on them such as value-pens. Magnet calendars are another affordable option. They’re a nice way to get your team information out along with your schedule.

At games, sell or give out custom soccer balls, soccer t-shirts and water bottles. People love to show their support through fan gear. You can also hold giveaways using promotional items. Consider a random drawing or a half-time “Make a Goal” contest.

Connect with Sponsors

Once you have a small fan base, reach out to corporate sponsors to increase your growth. Look for companies who already support local community teams and causes. Having a reliable fan base shows the companies that you can really help get their name and logo out and their money won’t be wasted on a lost marketing effort. Offering to use a sponsor’s logo on merchandise even beyond custom soccer balls, like soccer-themed water bottles and draw string bags, helps the company reach new potential customers.


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With a corporate sponsor, community members will take your team more seriously. You will also have an opportunity to reach supporters of your sponsors and continue to increase your fan base.

Soccer promotional products are a unique way to promote your team. Whether it’s with the help of corporate sponsors or your own fundraising efforts, customized giveaways help your current fans spread the word, and the more opportunities they have to promote your team, the more fans you’ll get.


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