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How Promotional Products Promote Fire Awareness

Fire safety awareness events and promotions educate the public about how easily an accidental fire can start — and how to prevent it. Most fires in the U.S. are caused by human activity and error. According to the U.S. Fire Administration, 50% of fires are caused by cooking-related mishaps, and an additional 7% of fires are caused by carelessness.

Fire safety awareness campaigns can get the right information in front of the right people to save homes, possessions, and lives of friends, family, and pets. Educators, administrators, and community advocates can create a campaign to help prevent the spread of fires with the use of fire prevention promotional products.

Design A Fire Safety Awareness Program

Most fires occur in residences. Focus fire awareness campaigns on children who learn quickly and who will actively spread the information they learn to the rest of their family. Design a workshop or program that includes active participation — children are more engaged and retain more information when they are interacting in a group setting.

Design a program covering the following fire safety awareness topics:

  • How to safely use cooking and heating equipment. Stress the importance of seeking adult supervision and asking permission before use.
  • What to do in the event of a fire. What are the steps they should take to seek safety?
  • The importance of checking fire safety equipment. After your program or presentation, they should be asking their parents and educators to keep a fire extinguisher in an accessible location. They should also be reminding guardians to check the batteries on all fire detectors inside their home.
Fire Safety Coloring Book

Product Style # 7436-NCB-FIRE

Organizing A Fire Safety & Prevention Event

If you want to host a fire safety event in a local school, your local fire department is a terrific resource. Contact fire chiefs in your area to see if any firefighters nearby can attend your fire safety awareness event. Kids will love seeing firefighters in uniform at the school assembly!

Give kids an incentive to pay attention by offering free giveaways throughout the program. Quiz the kids on recently covered topics and give the first student to answer correctly a fun fire prevention product (and maybe a piece of candy, too).

To keep the information fresh in the minds of the students that attend, give each kid an educational fire safety coloring book that they can take home. Through 20 pages of lessons and activities, children will learn additional fire safety tips and share the educational moment with their families. Plus, these promotional coloring books are bargain-priced to elevate the impact of your event.

Fund Your Fire Prevention Education Campaign

Determine your event budget, factor in venue rental, promotional products, and fees for any guest speakers. There are many methods of funding a fire awareness and prevention campaign. Conduct a  fundraiser or seek a corporate sponsor.

A small fundraiser - such as a bake sale or student concert - could raise enough funds for an informational session at your local elementary school. If you represent a fire department or organization that is recognized for expertise in fire prevention and safety, you are eligible to apply for government funding for your awareness campaign. Funding is available through the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), where you can apply for up to one million dollars.

Make your funding go further when you order fire prevention giveaways from HALO Branded Solutions. If you order an Escaping Fire Danger coloring book along with a Color-Brite Crayon 4-Pack for 500 students at your assembly, you’ll only spend about $130 per student! 

Making Your Message Last with Fire Prevention Products

Reach a wider audience and draw a bigger crowd by partnering with fire departments and community organizations to spread the word about your event. If you own a small business, hire someone to take photos and videos during the event so you can publish a press release and promote the event on your website.

Do you have more educational resources on your website? With HALO Branded Solutions, you can imprint your website and other information on your fire prevention products so anyone can access the information after your event or campaign ends.

Hand out promotional fire safety awareness products like water bottles and sports bags branded with your logo to keep your campaign fresh in the minds of children and their families. Fires have claimed too many lives and continue to cause extensive damage all across the country. By using fire safety and awareness promotional products, your message can spread like, well… like wildfire!

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