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How To Organize A Charity Run - Step by Step Guide

If you don’t have the right plan organizing a walk or run can be a challenge. Take a step in the right direction and get prepared with our planning guide. There are plenty of great causes with that need your support. Capitalize on the community’s desire to give back and stay fit by organizing a walk or run.

Step-By-Step Guide

1. Identify a Specific Cause For Your Charity Run

Choose a specific organization or cause to support. Once your cause is clear, you’ll be better able to visualize the theme of your event, how you’ll raise awareness and most importantly, you’ll be able to promote the charitable cause you’re raising money for.

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2. Deciding How Many Participants You and Your Team Can Register

Recruit a planning committee to help determine what works for your event. You may want to consider other fundraisers held in the area or in a community comparable to your town’s size to get an idea of what’s doable. Publicize the free and easy way. Social media is a great way to spread the word and invite others to share your event.

Don’t let your event run away from you though. If you’re worried too many people will register for your walk or run, set a cap. This limited participation approach can help hype your cause and attract more attention if the deadline publicized. Make sure the number of estimated participants is in-line with the number of available staff or volunteers you’ll have on hand.

3. Selecting a Venue for Your Organized Charity Run

Whether the event is indoors or outdoors, there’s likely a cost involved. Research different outdoor and indoor venues in your area to accommodate your goal number of participants. Since family and friends of participants come to watch loved ones walk or run, an outdoor space is usually ideal.

4. Budgeting for Success

Once the number of participants and venue are decided, it’s time to consider the special features of your event. Your committee should decide if the event will have snacks or prizes. You might also want informational booths, volunteer uniforms or items to sell on site. If you’re planning a walk or run during warm weather conditions, plan ahead and provide big sellers like customized rally fans, sun block and water bottles.

Providing items to beat the heat during summer months is essential to creating a successful outdoor event — not to mention, selling these items helps raise more money for the cause! Be the host with the most by planning ahead and incorporating extras you know they’ll need on the big day.

5. Make Fundraising Packets

Fundraising packets are crucial to any fundraising strategy as they will help to clearly identify the cause they’re raising money and awareness. Since most charitable walks and/or runs require participants to raise an allotted dollar amount to participate these pamphlets can be used to collect money and keep record of who donates.

Motivate participants to raise more than the entrance fee by rewarding those with the highest donations. Advertise a prize for those whom collect the most. Useful, gifts for runners include custom water bottles or personalized duffel bags featuring the cause are great ways to thank participants.

6. Showing Your Sponsors Some Appreciation Through Branded Gifts

To help alleviate some of the cost, try to acquire sponsorships from local businesses who want to support the community and the cause. A sponsorship letter that outlines the company’s contribution and consequent publicity helps clearly identify reasons why they should support your cause. Allowing local businesses or organizations to advertise at the event can help.

Drive that point home, and both you and the sponsor will benefit! Thank your sponsors with a token of your appreciation. A small gift does the trick. Try useful items that remind them and their patrons that they support the cause and the community. Desk accessories, custom mouse pads or other small items are great inexpensive options. Imprint with a special designation like “I support the cause” to give sponsors recognition at the event. They’ll appreciate the gesture and will remember you and your cause next year.

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