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Ways to Use Promotional Products in Golfing Tournaments

There are many things to consider when planning a golf event. Details like venue, registration, supplies, and prizes all matter when planning for a successful event. Whether hosting an elaborate golfing tournament or taking the office out for a fun company outing, there are plenty of logistics to take care of before you tee up on the first hole.  

Read our quick golf tournament planning guide to host a hole-in-one golf event, and learn how personalizing golf gifts will maximize your event’s impact.

Recruit Sponsors for Your Golf Event

When you decide to host a large golf event like a local tournament, you will want to reduce your overhead costs out of the gate. In order to throw the best event possible, seek out corporate sponsorships. Partnerships can lead to long-lasting business relationships and draw more attendees - in addition to helping with the cost.

To land sponsors, take time to craft a detailed upfront proposal that outlines every advertising opportunity at your golf event. Create tiered sponsorship packages with appropriate pricing to attract small businesses and massive corporations alike.

Examples of advertising opportunities you can offer in your packages:

  • Allowing sponsors to run their own refreshment stands and concessions to interact with participants directly

  • Allowing sponsors to erect sizable banners at each of the holes along the course

  • Naming the event after one of your sponsors if they choose the most substantial package

Tall Golf Tee 10 Pack - 2 3/4"

Product Style # 6489-GTP10T

Use Personalized Golf Gifts as Prizes

There are many reasons to host a golf event: raise money for a charitable cause, reward employees, introduce your brand to the community, market your business or simply to increase the amount of customers you have. Regardless of your reasons, incorporating branded golf promos and giveaways are essential for attendees to remember your organization after the event has ended. 

Consider putting together a comprehensive gift package for participating golfers. This swag box can include functional items like branded tees, golf balls, and golf towels to kick off the event. You can think bigger than the basics — anticipate their needs and fill their gift bag with other promotional items like large golf umbrellas, golf ball cleaning pouches, and fashion-forward Greg Norman® performance mesh polos featuring your logo.

For the big winners of your golf tournament, create mementos with high-end prizes from brand name golf retailers they will recognize. To increase the amount of prizes you give out, host mini competitions like the longest drive, closest to the pin, longest putt and straightest drive.  Contests like these will break up the action of the day and boost your brand.

Don't Forget About the Crowd

Golf events often last for multiple days, and in order to leave a great impression on those who attended your event, it’s vital to keep them fed and hydrated. You also want to ensure there are enough bathrooms for everyone to access throughout the event.

Run a concession stand during your event for convenient snacks, drinks, and desserts. You can cater the event yourself if you own a restaurant, or partner with a local restaurant to provide food for the participants and attendees. A refreshing concession stand is convenient for those who want a quick bite or drink. If your golf event is intended to raise funds for a charitable cause, a concession stand can bring in a significant amount of money!

By carefully choosing and handing out promotional golf gifts at your event, you will generate goodwill and create meaningful connections with a niche audience that will return to your business again and again. With affordable promotional items unlocking your marketing potential, working with HALO Branded Solutions for your golf event is a guaranteed hole-in-one.

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