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3 Simple Steps Every Real Estate Professional Needs for Hosting a Grand Opening

It’s your time to shine. Planning your grand opening and getting the right people to attend will take some work, but the long-term rewards will pay off.

This is your opportunity to build a foundation of trust within the community and build your brand while doing it. Before you break ground, break your grand opening preparations into manageable steps to make it easier to achieve your marketing objectives.

Lay a Solid Foundation

Start preparing several months in advance. Envisioning your grand opening as a community event will allow you to understand the scope of your introduction into the market.

Think about the headline. What should community members associate with your real estate agency? Your ribbon cutting ceremony could take place in conjunction with a fundraiser for a local non-profit organization, or it could serve as an awareness drive for a deserving charity. Another option is to combine your opening with an educational event to inform the community about a subject of local interest or impact.

House BankInvolve local businesses to help promote your event and minimize your costs. Businesses nearby will help bear the financial burden in exchange for visibility. For example, a local restaurant might be willing to provide free food and beverages in exchange for exclusivity as the only food vendor involved.

Giveaways are an essential element of any opening event - Attendees love taking home free swag! Plan a few games with prizes to attract more people. If your promotional giveaways are stylish, useful, and high-quality, they can perpetuate buzz for your brand long after your opening event.

Themed items like our real estate promotional products are a perfect starting point for giveaways and prizes. Invest in a combination of affordable real estate promotional items to be given away in abundance, and a few expensive items to be raffled or randomly drawn.

Build a Sturdy Frame

Now that you’ve planned your event it’s time to get the word out! Start promoting early, a couple of months in advance if possible. Doing this helps generate word-of-mouth buzz and allows people to save the date in their planner or calendar.

Issue a press release in the local newspaper to promote your real estate event. Identify and distinguish your brand, highlight the details of your event, and showcase incentives for attending, include discounts, exclusive access to listings, and of course, enticing real estate promos and big-ticket prizes to be won. Use a large chunk of the ad space to promote prizes like a 5-Piece Bamboo BBQ Set or a Bon Appetit Slate Cheese Set — the perfect addition to a new home with a fancy kitchen!

Put up fliers and posters in the businesses with whom you’re partnering. Set up a Facebook page for your brand, create an event, and promote it often, being sure to target people in your area. You can even go door-to-door in your target neighborhoods and personally invite families and homeowners to attend your event.

Invite People Into Your Home

All of your diligent planning and promotion pays off the day of your grand opening. Before your guests arrive, walk through your event with a critical eye to address any last details. This is your day to revel in the spotlight, so make sure the setting is perfect.

This is the first opportunity your community has to discover what sets you apart from other local real estate professionals, and the event will set expectations for your services. Go above and beyond to provide a memorable event and swag that the attendees can take with them to keep your brand fresh in their minds.

Order affordable real estate promotional items with all of your contact information so anyone who attended the event can easily reach you. Small items that are useful in every household, like Business Card Magnets with 50 Sheet Notepads, make for perfect giveaway items. No one should leave your event empty-handed, so order more items than you anticipate needing.

With a successful grand opening event under your belt, you’ve laid the foundation for success. Now enjoy the spoils and maintain the business you’ve built with effective promotional marketing.


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