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Tips to Hosting Your Eco-Friendly Awareness Event

Awareness events like “Earth Day” are used by school faculty and environmentalist groups to educate the community on the environment and encourage eco-friendly practices. Use these five tips as inspiration for your Earth Day event.

1. Plant with your community

Bring out your community’s green thumb by having residents plant a garden together. This would be a perfect event for Earth Day since the weather will be in the middle of the spring. Provide flower seeds, tree plants or even vegetable seeds for participants to plant. Such an event can bond people together in light of making their community a greener place. The more people working for a similar cause, the greater the impact.

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2. Add participation to an informational session

You might lose your audience’s attention if you don’t get them involved — especially if you’re dealing with children. Have the audience play a game related to your presentation, such as a quiz. Ask questions about your topic of choice and offer prizes, such as a Mag-Lite Solitaire® Flashlight. Incentives are a great way to get people to learn and participate.

3. Have demonstrations at your event

If you’re having an all-day Earth Day event, such as a walk or family-fun day, don’t forget to add contests to the agenda. The “Dirty Sock Contest” is done to measure how bad the emissions are from your car. Have participants stick a clean, white sock over their car’s exhaust pipe – while it’s running — leave it on for 30 seconds. Whichever group has the dirtiest sock receives a free tune-up for their car, while the group with the cleanest sock can be given a different reward. An eco-friendly gift such as a recycleable Grocery Tote will reward winners for passing their car’s makeshift emissions test.

4. Let students build a mural

Many schools hold Earth Day activities to teach children and teenagers about the importance of doing their part to protect our environment. Let students take a break from the books to help paint a meaningful mural. Using one or multiple bare walls inside or outside your school, let each student paint a small symbol of what Earth Day means to them. The end result will be a beautiful collage and a lasting reminder of why the environment should be maintained to students and faculty alike.

5. Plan a letter-writing session

Is there a piece of legislation that your group wants passed concerning the environment? Is there a policy that you would like to see created that has not even surfaced yet? Get a group of people together to write letters or e-mails to your state congressman or woman — the more letters, the greater chance there is for change. Give the writers a token of appreciation, like a Spiral Notebook, which has 100% recycled sheets.


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