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How to Encourage Workplace Wellness with Promotional Products


Mini Canister of Antibacterial Wipes


“I can’t come into work today — I think I have the flu.”

As an employer or manager, you dread the beginning of flu season. One stuffy, hoarse early-morning call leads to a dozen as people across departments come down with debilitating symptoms. Many call in sick, and many more feel the pressure to come into work anyway, exposing more people to the virus. 

The spread of cold and flu viruses through your corporate office isn’t merely an inconvenience — it can make your overall productivity grind to a halt. Office illness translates into countless hours lost and a dip in revenue due to the decrease in productivity.

Common colds and the flu are inescapable, but how do you minimize the impact of illness on your office? Demonstrate your commitment to a workplace wellness program with employee promotional products designed to stop germs in their tracks. 

Prevent the spread of germs with Promos

Of course, one of the best methods of treatment is prevention. As part of your wellness program, incentivize getting a flu shot with a useful branded promo your employees will love having in the office. For example, once they bring in a doctor’s note after getting their flu shot, arrange for them to receive a plush promo fleece blanket. They’ll remain comfortable at their desk year-round, even in the midst of ongoing thermostat wars.

Another method of preventing the spread of illness is to maintain a clean workplace. According to Facility Executive, flu viruses can linger on unclean surfaces like desks, keyboards, and equipment like printers for up to 24 hours

Give each employee a pack of promotional wet wipes to keep at their desk, and schedule a daily time for everyone to conduct a quick clean of their workspace — clean surfaces translate to fewer illnesses spread. The office manager can regularly clean spaces like the printer/copier station and the kitchen to stop the spread of germs.

Keep your employees’ desks stocked with branded hand sanitizer so they can keep their hands free of bacteria between meetings, breaks, and projects. Install larger sanitizer dispensers in common areas like the break room or kitchen so employees can help stop germs from spreading.

Host health and Wellness Seminars 

What’s the point of giving your employees promotional products if they aren’t aware of wellness best practices? At least once a year, consider hosting a health and wellness seminar to cover basic steps employees can take to minimize office illness, as recommended by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

Complete basic research and inform your employees about the facts behind office wellness. A recent study found that one sick employee can cause the spread of a virus to 50% of office surfaces within four hours. Employees should be encouraged not to come into work if they feel sick. Many instances of office-wide flu are caused by employees coming to work when they know they are contagious due to perceived pressure to “tough it out.” A healthy office begins with a healthy culture! 

Encourage employee engagement during your seminar by offering promotional products as fun prizes. Pique their interest and hold the attention of employees with prizes like a vacuum bottle, or something seasonal like a branded sweater for fall.

Ready to kick office illness to the curb while giving you a chance to showcase your logo and message? Use any of our wellness promotional items to encourage workplace wellness, including our cold prevention items designed to reduce germs in your office.

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