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How to Encourage Workplace Wellness with Promotional Products


Mini Canister of Antibacterial Wipes


“Hey, I can’t get out of bed. Think I’ve got the flu.”

 Every employer dreads the influx of those stuffy, hoarse, early-morning calls from their employees. When the cold and flu season hits, it’s hard to slow the germs down.


 The cold and flu season slices productivity. If people aren’t careful, the germs can spread and knock workers down like dominoes. But by promoting wellness and good preventative practices within the workplace, it’s easy to keep employees healthy.

Personalized Wellness Products Stop Germs

 Germs spread faster than one might expect. In a University of Arizona at Tucson study, researchers found that germs from one sick employee can spread to more than 50 percent of office surfaces within four hours—even in places with little social interaction.


 To educate your employees, consider holding a health and wellness seminar within the office, as suggested by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. Spice up the seminar with some prizes to pique interest and encourage participation. Create a point-system for employee participation or some type of wellness game. Winners should get useful prizes, like a fleece blanket with the company logo or a fun, in-house motto.

Healthy Promotional Items Support Employer Programs 

 OSHA also recommends that you actively provide employees with wellness tools they can use to stayAntibacterial Wet Wipeshealthy. Give each worker a customized bottle of hand sanitizer to keep at their desk. If each person has a bottle, they’re more likely to use it. Consider keeping bigger bottles of sanitizer in high-traffic areas, like the lunch room or bathrooms.


 Employers should also encourage staff to get their flu shots. Give employees an incentive for getting their shots, and give them a list of local clinics that offer the flu vaccination. If they bring back proof of a flu shot, consider giving an appreciation gift, like a customized water bottle.


 There are so many ways to prevent cold and flu season from ravaging your office. Don’t ignore the simple ways you can keep your work environment germ-free and your employees healthy.



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