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Product Past

HALO trends offers promotional products that are current to today’s trends. Below you will find trends that are released twice a month. With the below promotional products, you can align your marketing strategy with trends that matter to you and your brand.

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Make a lasting impression with unique & useful school promos.

On the Road Again

Let your brand shine on your next adventure with these outdoor promos.

Stress Less

Keep your brand in mind while reducing the amount of stress in your clients’ lives.

Summer Essentials

Have some fun in the sun! Get your brand in the hands of your customers with these essential summer promotional products.

Rainbow Pride

June is Pride Month. Show your support for the LGBTQ+ community with rainbow swag!

It’s All About Games!

Bring out the fun in your brand with promotional games.

5k Ready

You won’t be left in the dust with these race day promos.


Eco-conscious swag helps your business make an ecological effort of sustainability.


Think gold, silver, iridescent and rose gold. Glamorous, upscale-looking promos are captivating the industry in 2019.

Edge-to-Edge Impact

Reinvent your brand with all-over print and dye sublimation. Products with a striking edge-to-edge design will provide maximum impact for your marketing efforts.

Wireless Tech

The future is becoming increasingly wireless. Both lightweight and portable, these wireless tech promos are a great way to show off your brand’s logo.

Pantone Color of the Year

Animate any promotional product with the Pantone Color of the Year - Living Coral. This bright hue with golden undertones is sure to bring your brand to life.

Mind & Body

New year, new you! Start 2019 off right with these health and wellness promos.

Color Pop

Create a big splash by adding a pop of color to any promotional product.

Winter Essentials

Stay warm throughout this cold season with these essential winter promotional products.

Heathered Fabric

Now in an array of colors, heathered fabrics deliver lively visual textures that are sure to make any promotional product a showstopper. This subtle yet unique interwoven-pattern provides a sleek and tailored look for your branded merchandise.

Wood Grain

This organic, natural texture lends a timeless yet chic look to any product. Rustic and refined, wood grain promos appeal to nearly everyone.

Retro Revival

Tap into consumer emotion. These nostalgic, classic-styled products will hit home with everyone– especially Millennials!

Product-Speaker Combos

Double your branding statement with these innovative, dual-purpose products.


Help your brand radiate day or night with glow-in-the-dark promo.

School Spirit

Promotional giveaways are a great way to boost team and school spirit. Use these items to renew pride, rally support, and incentivize fundraising.


Summer is nearly over! Make sure you’re prepared with these fun and useful Back-to-School promo items

Mood Promo

Watch as these promo products morph to vibrant colors either by the heat of your hand or the coolness of your drink. Easily draw attention with these fun, color changing items!

Cork Texture

Both eco-friendly and versatile, this natural texture gives any item a modern yet rustic flare. Utilizing cork will make your promotional products pop!

Geometric Patterns

Bold geometric patterns make a powerful statement in a visually interesting way. The geo designs of 2018 provide an easy way to add both dramatic aesthetics and chic sophistication to any promotional product.

Neon Promos

Bright, bold colors are perfect for festivals, outdoor concerts, and other summer events. Neon products will score big with millennial demographics and will display your brand in the brightest way possible! Neon can be incorporated on almost any promotional product like hats, drinkware, apparel, and more!

Outdoor Event Necessities

The arrival of summer sparks the start of outdoor events like marathon races, sporting events, or volunteer opportunities. Some products make the high summer temperatures and on-the-go activities more enjoyable, all while showcasing your brand.

Retail Brands

Retail brands continue to capture attention in the promotional product industry. It’s not hard to see why — people are naturally drawn to brands that are recognized for their outstanding quality!

Wood/ Bamboo

This pattern lends an organic quality to any product, tapping into consumers’ love of all things natural and eco-friendly.

Tech Promos

Tech Promos- Technology-forward items such as custom USBs, power banks, smartphone accessories, Bluetooth speakers, etc. – these are dominating the market. This is due not only to their value to consumers, but also to their usefulness.

Neutral Palettes

Colors closely associated with the Neutral Palettes trend are black, gray, white and tones of brown and khaki. These subtle colors not only amplify the look of your logo, but are timeless, ensuring that these customized products are going to be used over and over again without going out of style.