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How to Buy Promotional Pens and Personalized Pencils

Which writing instrument do you favor most – pens or pencils? Either way, you probably feel strongly about which one you prefer. Perhaps this is due to the fact that writing instruments are so necessary in our everyday lives. After all, how else can you sign a form, jot down a note or write a reminder to yourself?

The fact that writing instruments are so necessary make them the perfect promotional products for your business. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when buying promotional pens and personalized pencils.

The promotional writing instruments you buy should reflect your company’s “brand.” So if your company is in the insurance, financial, real estate or legal industry, consider buying customized writing instruments that reflect solid, traditional values. Good choices for these types of businesses include custom executive pens, promotional metal pens and ballpoint pens.

3-D Ballpoint Pen & Highlighter

Product Style #: 10350-H95BP

On the other hand, if your company is very creative and cutting-edge, you may want to lean toward something more fun such as highlighters and markers, promotional gel pens, novelty pens and mood pencils. You may even want to really make a statement with glow-in-the-dark custom pencils.

Keep your target market in mind when choosing which promo pens to buy. Is your company trying to reach C-level executives or everyman/everywoman? The more exclusive the target market, the more important it is to focus on quality and performance.

Something else to consider is how will the promotional items be used? Will they be given away at tradeshows, awarded as incentives or presented as corporate gifts?

Finally, does your organization represent certain values you want reflected in your promotional writing instruments? For instance, you might want to buy “made in USA” or “eco-friendly” pens and pencils that convey your message while promoting your brand at the same time.


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