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Promotional Product Special Offers

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First Order Promo

You will receive your coupon code about an hour after you submit your email. Click the image below to go to the email sign-up page.

first order promos

To receive your promotion code, you must first sign up for HALO.com’s promotional emails on this page. Your confirmation email will contain a promotion code you may enter at checkout to receive your discount.

*First Order Promo Eligibility:

  • This discount is only available to New Customers. To be considered a New Customer, an individual, business or organization must not have purchased from HALO Branded Solutions (previously known as HALO/Lee Wayne), its subsidiaries or its Account Executives within the past 18 months.
  • This discount is only available for orders placed online or via HALO.com's Toll-Free Customer Service line.
  • May not be combined with any other coupon.
  • Not valid on prior purchases or orders already in progress.
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