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Terry McGuire Speaks about Promotional Products at Chicago MBA Conference

Terry McGuire, Senior VP of Marketing at HALO, spoke at Kelley Direct Marketing Conference in Chicago

Terry McGuire, Senior VP of Marketing at HALO Branded Solutions, recently spoke about promotional products in Chicago, IL. His presentation stood out from the others at the Kelley Direct Marketing Conference for numerous reasons. For one, Terry was the only speaker to bring promotional products with him to the conference to share with all of the attendees – his custom pens showed that he believed in what he was saying. Another reason HALO’s presentation was unique was that the majority of the content in the conference about the latest gadgets such as smart phones and tablets and tools for online marketing while McGuire took the audience back to traditional marketing.

“HALO received a lot of positive feedback from the conference attendees because we provided a solution to one of the biggest problems in our digital world – the scarcity of attention. The lack of attention is not an issue when using promotional products. People only look at the branded products for an instant, but they do this repeatedly over time because they hold onto the products for a long time,” explained Terry McGuire, Senior VP of Marketing at HALO Branded Solutions.

The promotional products industry and promotional marketing are underrepresented in marketing curriculums of schools and universities. HALO Branded Solutions was very happy to be included in the inaugural marketing conference for the Kelley Direct Marketing Club and to have the opportunity to enlighten a new generation of marketers about the effectiveness of promotional products.

The 2013 Kelley Direct Marketing Conference was the first ever in-person marketing conference hosted by the students of the Kelley School of Business’ online MBA program, Kelley Direct. Staying true to their theme for the conference, Multi-Channel Marketing Strategies, the conference included visits to a traditional advertising agency, a digital marketing company and a social media marketing company as well as speakers from an advertising media company, online marketing agencies, a marketing automation company, and HALO Branded Solutions, the largest traditional promotional products distributor in the country.

More images from the conference:

Terry McGuire explains the effectiveness of promotional products at Chicago conference Terry McGuire offers promotional pens with a stylus from HALO to everyone at the conference
Terry McGuire, Senior VP of Marketing at HALO presenting at the Kelley Direct Marketing
Conference in Chicago, IL
 Terry McGuire shares promotional stylus pens with the conference attendees


Photo Credit [Rakimagery]. Rakimagery Facebook Page

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