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Account Executives Jaquilin Brown and Debie Rowe Debut at CineGear Expo

Account Executives Brown and Rowe at the CineGear Expo

HALO Branded Solutions’ Orange County/El Cajon, CA promotional products Account Executives Jaquilin Brown and Debie Rowe had a successful exhibit at the annual CineGear Expo on May 31-June 1, 2013 at Paramount Studios in Hollywood, CA.

The CineGear Expo is the premier digital media expo for the entertainment industry. It offers both artists and technicians opportunities to see the latest technology and equipment. Brown and Rowe handed out a custom flyer with a storybook theme, stylus pens from Tomax, and lens cleaning clothes from Cloths 101.

“Our booth had a constant Hollywood Buzz for two days,” said Account Executive Debie Rowe, “We had a marvelous time and were well received by everyone. We made some wonderful contacts and will be very busy until next year’s event.”

Brown and Rowe would also like to thank all of the suppliers who helped them to make a lasting impression on everyone that stopped by their booth.


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