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Promotional Safety Products

Safety is removing risk, not eliminating accidents. Accidents happen. Prepare for accidents by leading a corporate safety program or raising safety awareness. HALO offers a variety of safety products including reflective gear, protective glasses and comprehensive first aid kits.

These products can be used for more than official corporate safety programs, too. Anyone who drives a car will appreciate an auto emergency tool kit or vehicle escape tool. These are the kind of products everyone wants to keep on them at all times. When they do need to use the product, they’ll see your logo on it and remember that you care. If you are purchasing for a particular industry, ask your HALO Account Executives about products that meet that industry’s safety requirements.

Personalized Safety Products

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Safety Plug - Round
Style Number: 5404-MI4000 As low as $0.25View Details 
Safety Plug - House Shape
Style Number: 5404-MI4010 As low as $0.33View Details 
Safety Plug - Rectangular
Style Number: 5404-MI4002 As low as $0.37View Details 
Safety Smilez Pen
Style Number: 3027-55058 As low as $0.63View Details 
Earplugs in Square Case
Style Number: 2849-PC401 As low as $0.65View Details 
Sanitizer Wipe Pouch
Style Number: 2849-PC190 As low as $0.89View Details 
Canister Sanitizing Wipes
Style Number: 2849-PC180 As low as $0.99View Details 
2-Tone Wayfarer Sunglasses
Style Number: 1165-VB5000 As low as $0.99View Details 
Cozy Clip Hand Sanitizer - 1/2 oz.
Style Number: 3673-WSA-CZ10 As low as $1.00View Details 
Clip-It Moisturizing Hand Sanitizer - 1 oz.
Style Number: 3673-WSA-CL15 As low as $1.09View Details 
Reflective Safety Slap Bracelet
Style Number: 6219-1892 As low as $1.09View Details 
Zipper Puller Safety Light
Style Number: 9021-SM-9710 As low as $1.19View Details 
Light Up Safety Cone Key Tag
Style Number: 6219-977 As low as $1.23View Details 
Collapsible Hand Sanitizer - 1 oz.
Style Number: 7953-PL-0591 As low as $1.25View Details 
Hi Viz Pink Unisex Vest
Style Number: 5357-S762P View Details 
Flashing Reflector Light
Style Number: 9021-SM-9716 As low as $1.39View Details 
Outdoor Kit with Resealable Bag
Style Number: 7188-OTD90BIO As low as $1.75View Details 
13-Piece Safety Kit
Style Number: 5599-FA344 As low as $1.95View Details 
Thermal Emergency Blanket
Style Number: 7188-XP-7000 As low as $1.95View Details 
Super Bright Pocket Torch Flashlight
Style Number: 7953-PL-3872 As low as $1.98View Details 
Micro 3 LED Torch Key Holder
Style Number: 7953-PL-3873 As low as $1.99View Details 
2-Mode Magnetic Light Stick
Style Number: 3673-WLT-ML13 As low as $2.04View Details 
Paracord Bracelet
Style Number: 8360-PARACORD As low as $2.07View Details 
Fashion First Aid Kit
Style Number: 9363-A786 As low as $2.23View Details 
DNA I.D. Kit with Personal Record Forms
Style Number: 103415-40245 As low as $2.28View Details 
Torpedo Level - 9"
Style Number: 106850-T76L As low as $2.41View Details 
First Aid Kit
Style Number: 9363-A594 As low as $2.48View Details 
Foudre COB Clip Light
Style Number: 1165-VL5007 As low as $2.49View Details 
Eclair Stickup Light
Style Number: 1165-VL5004 As low as $2.49View Details 
Branded Blinking LED Light Clip
Style Number: 23052-FLLC As low as $3.48 | SALE $2.58View Details 
Aviator Sunglasses
Style Number: 1165-VB5003 As low as $2.59View Details 
Vehicle Escape Tool
Style Number: 3673-WAU-ET13 As low as $2.67View Details 
Safety Light Armband
Style Number: 6115-7820 As low as $2.99View Details 
Style Number: 3673-WLT-ES13 As low as $3.07View Details 
Outdoor Kit with Recycled Bag
Style Number: 7188-OTD9-ECO As low as $3.15View Details 
Safety Calendar
Style Number: 10878-33301 As low as $3.26 | SALE $3.20View Details 
Lightning COB Flashlight
Style Number: 1165-VL5006 As low as $3.49View Details 
Safety Light Armband
Style Number: 103415-40901 As low as $3.93View Details 
32-Piece First Aid Kit
Style Number: 1165-GR6304 As low as $3.99View Details 
Sporty Shoe Light
Style Number: 4770-SPORTLT As low as $3.99View Details 
Result1-40 of 71

About Personalized Safety Products

Implementing a Safety Program

You’ve heard it before, “safety first,” but you know that not every job comes with a cushioned office chair. As the employer it is up to you to lead by example. Providing top quality, approved safety glasses and vests are not only appreciated by employees but also essential to preforming their job.

An effective safety program can help prevent accidents and reduce the costs associated with workplace injuries. Actively promoting employee safety improves an employee’s perception and behavior towards safer work practices. Why risk a work environment without a proper safety program? It’s easy to start one. Follow the steps below:

1.    Provide new employees with a general safety orientation before they begin.
2.    Provide job or task specific training prior to preforming without supervision.
3.    Offer continuing regular refresher training courses.
4.    Reward employees with safety incentive programs. 
5.    Provide periodic self-inspection for new worksites 
6.    Document steps 1 through 5 for your records.  

Safety programs are especially important for high-risk industries. These include, but are not limited to, construction, utilities, shipping and manufacturing. However, even a corporate office has its risks and could benefit from a basic safety program. Whether you’re starting a new program or have had one in place for years, HALO has the personalized safety gear that lets them know you have their back.