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Promotional Phone Charger & USB Accessories

Promotional USB accessories are a common way to get your brand out to the public. When choosing one, it’s important to understand how the accessory is intended to be used. USB stands for Universal Serial Bus and is a popular means of connecting electronics (primarily to computers). Most modern computers have a USB port built into the system. Similarly, most electronics come with USB connectivity.

The USB is generally used as a way to upload data to computers or charge the device.  Because USBs are such an essential part of any device, recipients often put branded USB accessories to immediate use. Whether you choose promotional USB hubs or promotional USB chargers, your brand will get some exposure.

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Rocket Dual USB Car Charger
Style Number: 7953-PL-1340  View Details
Toddy Tie Cord Organizer
Style Number: 103941-TTA041 As low as $1.42 View Details
Luminous USB Car Charger Key Strap
Style Number: 6115-2653 As low as $1.75 View Details
Rocket USB Charger
Style Number: 6489-ROCKET As low as $1.85 View Details
Quadraport 4-Port Mini USB Hub
Style Number: 6266-5136 As low as $2.75 View Details
Dual Charging Cable with Phone Stand Travel Case
Style Number: 6115-2857 As low as $2.90 View Details
3-In-1 Charging Buddy with Carabiner Clip
Style Number: 6115-2876 As low as $2.99 View Details
Zion 3-Port Mini USB Hub with Charging Cable
Style Number: 6266-5144 As low as $2.99 View Details
Slide Charging Cables on Key Ring
Style Number: 6115-2879 As low as $3.15 View Details
3-in-1 Cell Phone Charging Cable Spinner
Style Number: 6266-5143 As low as $3.20 View Details
2-In-1 Light Up Charging Cable
Style Number: 6115-2892 As low as $3.25 View Details
3-in-1 Keychain Charging Cable
Style Number: 10209-CA214  View Details
3-in-1 Charging Cable
Style Number: 5284-1535  View Details
3 Port Mini USB Hub with Type C Adapter
Style Number: 6266-5139 As low as $3.45 View Details
Taurus Charger Cable Set
Style Number: 1165-GC1454 As low as $3.59 View Details
Braided Long Cable
Style Number: 4770-CTEK032  View Details
3-In-1 Braided Charging Buddy
Style Number: 6115-2829 As low as $3.75 View Details
Medusa I Charger Cable Set
Style Number: 1165-GC1450 As low as $3.85 View Details
Round 4-Port USB Hubs
Style Number: 4629-UQ5316  View Details
Cable 3 in 1
Style Number: 6852-TBC020 As low as $4.52 View Details
The Original Smart Cloth Premium Microfiber Cleaning Cloth - 5" x 7"
Style Number: 103941-TOY-C As low as $4.67 View Details
Good Value® 3-Port USB 2.0 Spinner Hub
Style Number: 4048-32186  View Details
Charge and Data Sync Cable with Carabiner
Style Number: 22239-ED683  View Details
Thunder USB Wall Charger
Style Number: 1165-GC5102 As low as $4.99 View Details
Solas Twin Port USB Car Charger
Style Number: 1165-GC1403 As low as $4.99 View Details
USB Car and Wall Charger Combo
Style Number: 106850-TEC26CW As low as $5.34 View Details
Edge Power Bank - 2,000 mAh
Style Number: 9021-SM-3798 As low as $5.35 View Details
Classic 2100 USB Car Adaptor
Style Number: 6852-TBC006 As low as $5.74 View Details
X Design 4-Port USB Hub
Style Number: 1165-GC1204 As low as $5.99 View Details
Rondo Type-C USB Hub
Style Number: 1165-GC1208 As low as $5.99 View Details
Micro-USB to USB Charge and Sync Cable
Style Number: 103941-TTA002 As low as $6.25 View Details
Micro-USB to USB Charge and Sync Lanyard
Style Number: 103941-TTA007 As low as $6.50 View Details
USB-C (Type C) to USB Charge and Sync Cable
Style Number: 103941-TTA005 As low as $7.50 View Details
Tondro USB Wall Charger
Style Number: 1165-GC5103 As low as $7.69 View Details
Mini USB Hub
Style Number: 34256-AIO-HUB15  View Details
Super Mini Optical Mouse
Style Number: 9021-SM-3321 As low as $7.99 View Details
UL Listed Jolt Power Bank - 2,200 mAh
Style Number: 66887-7120-49  View Details
AutoPop Car Charger
Style Number: 103890-AUTOPOP As low as $9.17 View Details
Result1-40 of 78

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Understanding Different Promotional USB Accessories



USB ports are common among most electronic devices. As a result, there is a variety of promotional USB hubs and chargers available. Each has a different function, so remember to analyze your target audience and make a meaningful decision. Recipients will have more respect for your brand if you put thought into your promotional items.

Carports are useful in charging phones and tablets while on the road. Because USBs are universal, the recipient generally does not have to worry if the promotional USB charger will be compatible with his or her device. USB car adaptors are one of the safest ways to go when choosing a branded USB accessory. Most recipients will have a use for one.

USB port hubs can be extremely valuable to anyone who needs more connectivity options. If you are looking to appeal to a tech-savvy audience such as programmers, college students, photographers or videographers a USB port hub is a great choice. These people often need to connect multiple devices to their computers at once, and a promotional USB hub would be extremely useful. Recipients will see your branding and thank you for the thoughtful gift.

For a more specialized gift, consider a Universal Travel Adaptor with USB port. Did you know that other countries’ electronics often use a different type of outlet? It’s all dependent on how electricity flows within a country. A universal travel adaptor with USB port can help ease the minds of international visitors. Whether as part of a welcome bag or a going away gift, travel adaptors will be well received.  These promotional USB accessories are a great way to reach an international audience, too. When the recipient brings the product home, it might generate conversation, and soon you’ll have additional international brand awareness.