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Real Estate Promotional Items

In real estate, the keys to your success are name recognition or branding, getting potential clients excited about what you can do to help them, and perpetuating loyal client relationships. You can accomplish all three by using the right real estate promotional items.

Reach out to prospective clients with affordable real estate giveaway items that can be easily mailed such as magnets, notepads and keychains. Ask your HALO Account Executive about items that can include your photo so you can establish a more personal connection with clients right away.

HALO has thoughtful gift options for you to shop, too. Consider a keepsake item for closing so your clients turn to you with every future purchase.

Real Estate Promotional Items

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Safety Plug - Round
Style Number: 5404-MI4000 As low as $0.25View Details 
Jumbo House Magnet
Style Number: 6852-J07 As low as $0.29View Details 
Safety Plug - House Shape
Style Number: 5404-MI4010 As low as $0.33View Details 
Rectangle Calendar Magnet - 3 29/32" x 6 15/16"
Style Number: 6852-MC05 As low as $0.34View Details 
Safety Plug - Rectangular
Style Number: 5404-MI4002 As low as $0.37View Details 
House-Shaped Soft Keychain - Full Color
Style Number: 8021-20002 As low as $0.46View Details 
Business Card Emery Board
Style Number: 3404-5244 As low as $0.54View Details 
Business Card Magnet with 50 Sheet Notepad
Style Number: 6852-NP01 As low as $0.59View Details 
House Letter Slitter
Style Number: 5284-2411 As low as $0.65View Details 
Large House Post-it® Notepad - 25 Sheet
Style Number: 9124-DC119G3252 As low as $0.76View Details 
House Magnet with Clip
Style Number: 6852-CLM03 As low as $0.86View Details 
Letter Opener - House Shape
Style Number: 5404-7403 As low as $0.87View Details 
Full Color Double Sided Calendar Magnet
Style Number: 6852-TW02 As low as $0.94View Details 
House Keep-It™ Clip
Style Number: 5284-411 As low as $0.97View Details 
House O Mints
Style Number: 4850-DP-796 As low as $1.09View Details 
Fly Swatter - Medium House Shape
Style Number: 5404-MI1033 As low as $1.10View Details 
Large House Post-it®Notepad - 50 Sheet
Style Number: 9124-DC119G3502 As low as $1.13View Details 
House-Shaped Thermometer Magnet
Style Number: 34256-AIO-THMHV As low as $1.19View Details 
Magnetic Clip - House
Style Number: 5404-MI4601 As low as $1.28View Details 
House Tape Measure Key Tag
Style Number: 4850-DP-461 As low as $1.59View Details 
Pet Waste Dispenser
Style Number: 5271-DBH660 As low as $1.65View Details 
Magnet Clip - House
Style Number: 34256-AIO-MGCLH As low as $1.75View Details 
Cottage Stress Reliever
Style Number: 7953-PL-0297 As low as $1.75View Details 
Double-Sided Yard Sign - 26" x 16"
Style Number: 5695-192 As low as $1.94View Details 
Plastic House Bank
Style Number: 6115-4065 As low as $1.99View Details 
House-Shaped Desk Calendar
Style Number: 4500-419 As low as $2.31View Details 
Neon Night Light - House Shape
Style Number: 5404-MI2030 As low as $2.66View Details 
Nuance Glass Goblet - 10.5 oz.
Style Number: 7192-348 As low as $2.69View Details 
Rock Spare Key Holder
Style Number: 106850-UT222KR As low as $2.86View Details 
Full Color M&M’s® Snack Box
Style Number: 71685-SNKS-MNM As low as $3.08View Details 
Gemmies® in Clear Tube with Silver Cap
Style Number: 71685-LGCBT-8 As low as $3.37View Details 
Mini Gummy Bears in Paint Can
Style Number: 71685-PCSM-GBM As low as $3.59View Details 
Paperclips with Magnetic Base - House Shape
Style Number: 4850-DP-157-156 As low as $4.09View Details 
Tape Measure - 25'
Style Number: 5410-437 As low as $4.43View Details 
Jelly Beans in Clear Tube
Style Number: 71685-CTSM-JBN As low as $4.55View Details 
House Bank
Style Number: 4850-DP-768 As low as $4.98View Details 
Full Color Plastic Name Badge
Style Number: 13400-NB405 As low as $5.43View Details 
Gumballs in Paint Can
Style Number: 71685-PCBGM As low as $7.64View Details 
Brie Circular Cutting Board with 3 Stainless Steel Cheese Tools - 7.5"
Style Number: 1474-878-00-505 As low as $15.21View Details 
19th Hole Wood Cutting Board Serving Tray
Style Number: 1474-901-00-505 As low as $16.73View Details 
Result1-40 of 71

About Real Estate Promotional Items

Reasons for Real Estate Promotional Items

Real estate promotional items can help you achieve a number of marketing goals taking you from prospecting for new clients to retaining relationships.

Prospecting Real Estate Promos

When using promotional products for prospecting or new client outreach, look for items that are affordable and easy to get to the masses. Flat, lightweight items are ideal for mailing and could be just what you need to get your foot in the door. Consider magnets that can be printed in full color and will be stay on the prospect's fridge, making your contact information accessible any time they're ready. Keychains are another affordable, relevant item – any time they unlock their current home, they'll have your name with them. Many magnets and key tags can be printed with variable data, so if you run a larger real estate company with many realtors, products can be ordered in bulk and individualized for each of your reps.

House Closing Gifts

Buying a house is exciting, especially when all the paperwork is done and you walk into your new home for the first time. Become a part of this memory by providing clients with a closing gift. The closing gift can be simple – a single item such as a spare key holder – or it can be a combination of gifts like a bottle of champagne and personalized champagne flutes. Whatever you choose, remember to include your business card (or better yet, one of those custom magnets) so the homeowners know who the gift is from.

Client Retention Items

Maintain a relationship with clients by sending homeowner tips, budget-friendly gifts for around the house (think kitchen appliances, small tools and pens), and annual holiday cards. Every three to five years, check in with clients – they may be looking to sell their once “new” home, and you'll want them to turn to you when they do.

Real estate promotional products aren't necessarily shaped like a house or key. They are promotional items that will be used regularly and can help you throughout the entire client cycle, from prospecting to retention.