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HALO Recognition helps companies of all sizes reward their employees through recognition and incentive programs that not only align with their core values and business goals, but also inspire people to do great things.

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People love to celebrate milestones – they mark our progress and remind us of the journey it took to get there.

Service Anniversary
There’s a reason service anniversaries remain a cornerstone of recognition. Lifestyles Recognition has everything you need to ensure your service anniversaries and any other milestones-driven celebrations are recognized in a memorable and meaningful way.Learn More


Reward employees for an unlimited variety of achievements with a universal currency.

Achievement Solutions
Use Total Vision Recognition for enterprise-wide programs that are aligned with overall corporate goals, and engage employees at multiple touch-points. The unified platform gives your organization the power to administer an unlimited number of initiatives that are proven to drive engagement, growth, and profitability.Learn More


You already understand the power and value of employee recognition – now you can take it to the next level.

Daily Recognition
Recognition Hub is our all-in-one cloud-based platform that organizations of any size can use to consolidate and expand their recognition efforts. Establish new initiatives tied to your core values, leverage peer-to-peer nominations, send eCards, celebrate milestones, and recognize any type of workforce anywhere with spot recognition and mobile features.Learn More


Immediate, informal recognition plays a valuable role in any recognition strategy.

Spot Recognition
Spark is an easy and simple spot recognition solution suitable for any work environment. Recognize employees with themed cards for personal and work milestones redeemable for great gifts with all-inclusive pricing to make budgets a snap.Learn More

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